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Glass Slippers are back in on Broadway & let’s meet The Moms!

Glass Slippers are back in on Broadway, but let’s be honest with the Kate-Moss-Wearing Stuart Weitzman designing them, of course they are! — Willy B Mum.

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Inspirational Vibes – deLIFEful Foods!

For my 4th episode of Inspirational Vibes, I am so happy to have had the opportunity to interview and spend some time with Tirrell Barronette who is the brainchild behind the up and coming raw organic juice company - deLIFEful Foods.

I met Tirrell at the Open House of the Brooklyn Chapter of the Holistic Mom’s Network that I co-lead with another Mummy in Williamsburg Brooklyn. We were looking for sponsors for the event, and with the help of my friends at Gourmet Guild, (where monthly meetings are held and who also stock deLifeFul), the connection was made. Tirrell was so excited to get the juices into us local Mummies hands that he actually showed up to Gourmet Guild a day early. And, I love that story. Tirrell has one of the those welcoming happy smiley personalities that it is impossible not to love, and deLIFEful Foods is a perfect reflection of that.

Tirrell started deLIFEful Foods in 2011 with some College friends and his juice-genius Uncle who had previously worked in the industry. Shining a bright light, the company came to par after noticing that the healthy products on the market available for children, well, were limited and kind of sucked (can I say that – Ha). deLIFEful originally shopped 8 ounce bottles known as”Shorties” to vendors as a drink for youngsters, but the general feedback was that consumers would not buy raw organic unpasteurized juices with that idea in mind. Taking a step back, they upped it to a 16 ounce adult focused bottle and at the moment they are distributing 500 bottles of juice in the NY area a week!

Here is my thing though, first of all most mothers breastfeed their children on raw organic milk, and really, what is the point of heating juices (pasteurizing) to such a point that you kill most of the nutritional benefits? It is my opinion that raw juicing is the way to go, it just seems silly to me to drink it any other way. Personally, I have no problem giving my 2.5 year old raw cold pressed juices. Let’s just keep it as nature intended shall we!

Thankfully, deLIFEful recently decided to add their initial idea of 8 ounce “Shorties” back on to their product list which should be available, with children in mind, at the end of March. Another thing I love about deLIFEful foods is that before they even offered their juices to the public they let a bunch of Little Ones try it and ONLY sell juice that have Children’s seal of approval on the flavors – LOVE that (please watch the interview below for more insight on this).

The deLIFEful shorties will be an 8 ounce variety to our current juices. There will be slight variations to some of the formulations but we will not sacrifice on taste or quality of ingredients. The product maintains the same level integrity as our current juices. The product will be released at the end of March and available at select stores — Tirrell Barronette.

Did I mention that all juices are certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, Non GMO, free of food colorings, preservatives or added sugar? Of course they are! Additionally, to ensure quality and to maintain nutritional content juices are cold pressed daily. The majority of ingredients are sourced from Samascott Orchard in New York and Lancaster Farms in Pennsylvania. Well, besides the Pomegranates and Pineapples which are harvested on a farm in sunny California.

deLIFEful has 3 different varieties at the moment – Green Revival, Kickin’ Ginger (my favorite), and Sweet Sweet P & P. The juices are available in select stores in the NY area, (like my local Gourmet Guild in Williamsburg Brooklyn) and are also available online HERE.

deLIFEful Foods are an awesome company doing great things for us adults and for our Little Ones, and to me that is an Inspirational Vibe!

Follow deLIFEful on Twitter here – @deLIFEfulFoods
Like deLIFEful on Facebook here – /deLIFEfulfoods


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Butter Bean Dish with olive oil, sage, rosemary and dried chillies

Miles Storm helping me cook up this yummy dish.

It is said that people either LOVE or HATE Lima Beans AKA Butter Beans. I am definitely a lover of Lima Beans. They are a great source of protein, and as my Son and I do not eat animals, this is a great plus for us to incorporate them into our diet. Lima Beans are also high in calcium and manganese which helps to maintain healthy strong bones. They give you energy, are high in iron (another plus if you do not eat meat), are low in calories and almost fat-free. Want more inspiration? Butter beans are high in fiber and bind with the bile acids in ones’s body thus lowering your cholesterol, this happens when the two leave together exiting the body. Lima Beans also help keep you regular by aiding your digestive tract.

Besides all of this, you can make really yummy dishes with Lima Beans like this recipe I am highlighting here – Lima Beans with Olive Oil, Rosemary, Sage and dried chillies. It does take a few hours to make and there are a few different steps, but is fairly easy and generously serves 4 adults. It will also stay in the fridge for a few days with no worries at all. If you find it dries out you can add some olive oil on top before serving.

It is a great meal to serve if you have a Little One, well for me anyway as my 2-year-old loves to eat with his hands and Lima Beans are a great finger food. Obviously though, you would separate a part and cook without the chillies. Miles Storm had such a fun time this afternoon helping me in the kitchen. He is such a foodie in the making, he gets great joy cooking  just like his Daddy.




  • 2 Cups of Dried Organic Lima Beans
  • 3 Cups of Organic Vegetable Stock (I used Nature’s Promise)
  • A bunch of organic garlic cloves (I used around 15)
  • A big bunch of Organic Sage (which I took from our garden)
  • A big bunch of Organic Sage (which I took from our garden)
  • 4 Long Dried Chillies
  • Quarter of a Cup of Organic Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt and Pepper to taste
  • A pot that you can put in the over to cook (we use Le Creuset cooking equipment in our house)

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Inspirational Vibes – Build It Green NYC


It’s been awhile since I have written an “Inspirational Vibes” piece, so last week I headed over to the nearby industrial area of Gowanus Brooklyn to have a chat with “Jack” Jaclyn Jablkowski who is the Communications Manager at the nonprofit Build It Green! NYC.

I was inspired to visit Jack after reading that last year alone they successfully diverted 1,200 tons of re-useable building materials from landfills in the immediate New York area – pretty impressive – which is up 400 tons from the year before, with projections that that amount will continue to grow each year! Build It Green! NYC also donated 57 tons of lumber to school and community gardens in New York City providing enough material to build 1,200 new raised garden beds making my current city greener, cleaner and prettier. If that isn’t an inspirational vibe I do not know what is.

Think of Build It Green! NYC as similar to a thrift store for clothing but for larger materials. Both warehouse locations, Gowanus and Queens, are filled to the brim with donated and reclaimed objects like lumber, tiles, doors, cabinets, windows, chairs and well, as you will see in the video below, I even found an awesome vintage BMX bike!

Why Landfills Are Bad News!

One of the reasons that landfill sites are harmful to OUR environment is because most of the waste disposed of will never break down, meaning it will sit in the ground in solid form forever forever forever. Additionally, the majority of  items in landfills are made up of chemicals, pesticides and toxins that leak into the soil thus contaminating it and then making its way into our air and water ways which causes pollution and disease (big sentence I know). Landfill waste also smells, and let’s not even get into what our unknowing beautiful animals and plant life go through as a result. Oh Geez. Common rule of thumb – If You Use a service like Build It Green! NYC YOU RULE and Willy B Mum Loves You!

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Old Navy 40% off Old Navy Kids, Maternity and Baby Sale!

Super Hero Batman Miles Storm in his Old Navy pajamas pulling his “I am flying” face.

You know, my 2.5 year old Son is really really into Super Heroes at the moment….. like really into Super Heroes. So, when I took him to an event with MomTrends last week at the NYC Chelsea Old Navy Store, he seriously could not believe his eyes when he saw Batman Pajamas hanging on the rack! It was love at first sight… seriously.

Miles Storm was so into the Batman pajamas that while in store he asked me to change him out of his normal day clothes into these pajamas. As a note, I usually do not dress my child in pajamas during the day, especially while on a fashion expedition, but this was a special occasion and he was not taking No for an answer! I especially love that once he had the pajamas on he kept pulling this funny face to indicate that he was flying in windy skies. It was quite amusing. Children are so imaginative and so precious.

Miles Storm and I were at Old Navy together to preview the 40% off sale on all maternity, children’s and baby clothing (which runs through February the 20th) AKA “Old Navy Kids and Baby Sale”. To coincide with this, we were filmed shopping for a short video clip with some other Super Star NYC Mummy Bloggers like Triple Threat Mommy, Stroller in The City, Mama Goes Natural and The Chirping Moms where a wonderful time was had by all.

I picked up some cool pieces for my Son, which I discuss in the video and that you can see in the photo below. I love Old Navy this season for Toddler Boys because they have a lot of options in the classic nautical theme, which is one of my favorite looks for Boys. The blue khakis are timeless, and the striped blazer is very “Sail On”, with the Superman t-shirt highlighting an experience my Son is currently enjoying. I think it all works really well together adding a graphic t-shirt mixed with some clean classic looks. I love love love the silver loafers; they are so dapper and spectacular. I also chose some bright pink socks to give his outfit a pop. Additionally, I created a Pinterest board with other pieces that I like HERE.

Miles Storm in his styling Old Navy outfit

Old Navy Kidtacular Pinterest Sweepstakes

On top of this already pretty awesome sale MomTrends are running a Pinterest contest where you can win $50 gift cards daily with a final grand prize of a $1000 gift certificate, that is a lot of clothes right there. All you have to Pin the photo of the sparkly girls shoes from the Momtrends Blog post which you can find HERE and enter your email address for your chance to win. You have to be in it to win it, as the saying goes. I just entered and it literally took a few seconds to do so.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out the video below for highlights of the shopping spree!

STOKKE Stroller Launch hosted by MomTrends in NYC

Testing out the STOKKE Xplory, with a Brahmin bag & Stella & Dot jewelry

I can admit, I used to be a Bugaboo Snob! I would not even have thought about giving up my Cameleon Pram (Australian for Stroller), let alone consider a different kind of Pram! My husband knows first hand how stubborn I have been in this regard. As our Son is almost 2.5 years old, he has been unsuccessfully trying to convince me to switch to at least an Umbrella stroller, especially in the instances where we have to travel. But, I always insist on taking our Bugaboo with us everywhere. And, as much as I love it, it really is not the best pram to travel with, it is actually quite awkward and time-consuming to break down, store and set up.

Fast forward to last Monday night, where I was enlightened at the Scandinavian STOKKE stroller launch that Momtrends fabulously executed at the space known as The Glasshouses in the Chelsea district of New York City. After learning about the STOKKE brand and seeing how passionate the company is, I know now I want another baby and an Xplory Pram to go with the baby! Ha, true story.

To my husband when I arrived home – “Babes, can we please have another baby so I can get a Red Xplory”.

STOKKE is a Norwegian family owned company that was founded in 1932, yep they have been around a long long time. Over the years the company has designed a variety of furniture focused on “ergonomics, uniqueness and functionality”. However, in 2006 the company changed direction and now entirely designs children´s furniture/equipment which includes high chairs, prams and baby carriers.

There were many fabulous Mommy Bloggers in attendance at the event, who were fortunate to personally hear from STOKKE’s Director of Innovation and Design Hilde Angelfoss. Hilde is the brainchild behind the Xplory pram and one bright cookie! She maintained that the top priorities when choosing a pram should be the child’s happiness, safety and comfort. She also discussed some interesting points which I had not really thought about before. For example; when out and about with your stroller, how important it is to have your baby facing inwards towards the mother thus being able to make eye contact. If a baby is facing outwards it can cause frustration and stress in a Little One, who is new to the world, because they cannot see a person that they know. Instead, they see bits and pieces of random things like the sky, cars and unrecognizable people, which can be very confusing.

The night’s event showcased 2 new strollers STOKKE recently released the Scoot and Crusi, as well as highlighting my personal favorite of the 3, the classic Xplory model. Did I mention that I love the Xplory! Brahmin handbags and Stella & Dot jewelry were also in attendance letting each of us mix and match for photos on the red carpet.

All of the STOKKE strollers are multi-talented, meaning they can be adjusted to different positions, have adjustable seat depths and adjustable foot rests. The strollers are also up high so Little Ones and Parents can be closer by being on a relevant height level to one another. The strollers are available in a range of colors, come with a 3 year extended warranty, cost in the $1000 mark (give or take) and additionally there are helpful accessories, (dependent on your terrain) like foot muffs, sibling seats, wind covers, rain covers and fitted sheets.

As I mentioned earlier, the Bugaboo Cameleon is quite awkward and time-consuming to break down, store and set up. Well, this is not the case with the STOKKE Scoot which breaks down within seconds, folding to a quarter of the size and you can even do it one-handed (I saw that happen in real life). This means you can hold your baby in one hand and with the other hand, wow the masses with your Super Mom skills. Wham Bam Thank You Maam!

STOKKE are a great company that are doing wonderful things for us parents by helping to make all of our lives easier. If you are in the market for a new stroller you should definitely check them out HERE. Not forgetting that they make other genius products like high hairs and baby carriers.

Thanks for reading!

Reserved Parking for STOKKE strollers

How to cook super easy roasted vegetables!

Miles Storm helping me prepare the veggies this morning

You would think that baking vegetables would be a well-known meal that most families blend into their menus, but I have been surprised lately as to how many Mums I hear say that they have no idea how to cook a plate of roasted vegetables. Thus, the inspiration for this posting. I have to be honest, I really only mastered the skill about a year ago. Now, I am confident and make all kinds of dishes for my family. Thanks, to my husband, who is a GREAT cook for teaching me.

Besides being easy to do, I find that it’s a fun opportunity for Miles Storm and I to spend some quality bonding time together. Thanks to his handy Learning Tower, he loves helping out in the kitchen. It is also a learning activity for him. I turn the experience into a game by asking him to identify each vegetable. For his age, he is pretty clever when it comes to foods, with him being able to identify many fruits and vegetables.

From a health standpoint, another benefit of baking vegetables is that the flavor and nutrients stay inside the vegetable. Compare this to boiling/steaming vegetables and the water-soluble vitamins like C and B escape into the water, and are therefore lost when the water is emptied out of the pot, and the food is served.


  • Baby zucchini with Tomato
  • Cauliflower, Tomato and Onion
  • Carrots and Sweet Potatoes
  • Broccoli and Cauliflower
  • Mushrooms with Onions
  • Eggplant and Tomato
  • Green Beans and Tomato
  • Asparagus
  • Garlic Fingerling potatoes
  • Combination of whatever is in the fridge (my husband hates this, but I do not like to waste food so when we have food that is about to go bad, it is great to throw it all in a baking dish)

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