MomTrends bringing 2013 in with a Mummy Blogging Bang!

Thanks for the hairdo

My newly Retro Hollywood Glamor waves

Starting the New Year with a Blogging Bang, on the Winter Eve of January the 14th, I was picked up by a car service en route to Manhattan to the gorgeous space at the MPE Penthouse for another wonderful MomTrends event being a Party for Pantene Pro-V’s New Expert Collection.

The Night’s theme was all about hair, and I learned a lot about my trusses that I take everywhere with me! Did you know that your hair has an age? My hair is apparently 2 years younger than my real age, so I figure that is a good thing!

Besides cocktails, great company and hors d’oeuvres being served, we heard from resident expert in attendance Dr Jeni Thomas who, as well as having great hair, works for Pantene as a scalp and hair Scientist.

In particular, Jeni spoke about Pantene’s Age Defy line, which I have tried and can personally write made a huge difference to my hair in the way of it feeling fuller and looking shinier. Age Defy targets the various signs of aging like breakage, split ends, flat color, dryness and grayness. Yes, all those things that we just do not want to see happening to our hair. Thankfully with the Age Defy line we have options which can help. There are are various products, besides shampoos and conditioners, like a split end fuser, hydration masque and a thickening treatment. Yep, Pantene thought of everything! They have us covered.

Just as a special shout out to Pantene, being a Green Mummy, I want to note that I am happy that the company has taken a big step in helping towards improving and protecting our environment from future harm. Starting last year, the Nature Fusion packaging is now made from 59% plant-based plastic being mainly sugar cane, and that puts a big smile on my face. Good job!

Once Dr Jeni’s informative chat with us was over, all Super-Star-Mummy-Bloggers were offered one of three blow-outs either side bun, wavy or curly, from some very talented hairdressers. As you can see from the photo above I went with curly. I think it really suited me, I just wish I could have my hair looking this fabulous every day.

Thanks for the scarve

Thanks for the scarf Echo Design… love your vibe!

90-year-old New York City native Echo Design was also at the event showing us all how to tie scarves. I love scarves, I have many. I went home with the gorgeous blue one I am wearing in this photo to the left, and I must tell you a funny story. The morning I took this photo, I went to pick up my 2-year-old from his morning school group. When he was let out, I was standing by the door, and he walked right past me because he did not recognize me. When he heard my voice he just stood there looking up at me very unsure and then starting saying “Mummy Hair, Mummy Hair, what happened to your hair”. It was very cute. Wish I had it on video….

I am sure you know at least one new Mum who has chopped off her hair because it is “easier” to handle with a Little One. I get it, I have thought about it but the reality is I LOVE my hair and would probably die if I did that, so, for me, wearing a scarf is a way less dramatic alternative to chopping it all off.

Okay, so getting back on track…. Mom Trends once again, hit a home run, executing another really fun, informative event. I am looking forward to attending their next excursion with STOKKE prams.

And, If you haven’t checked out the Mom Trends site, you should do that, as it is full of styling information with us Mummies in mind –

Thanks for reading!

**If you are interested in knowing the age of your hair head over to You Beauty to take the quiz.

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