Let’s Chat about the super-cool MomTrends!

With my friend & fellow mummy blogger Kris who writes "My Strange Family"

With my friend & fellow mummy blogger Kris who writes “My Strange Family”

Being a NYC Mummy Blogger you are exposed to all kinds of wonderful opportunities; one of them is being on MomTrends radar and receiving invites to all of their marvelous events that they hold throughout the year.

MomTrends is the brainchild of Brooklyn based Super-Mom to 2 little girls, Nicole Feliciano. She started MomTrends.com as a Go-To-Webpage for hip cool fashion inspired Mummies. MomTrends.com is bustling with information like fashion tips, trend reports, advice on living a healthy life, as well as profiles of inspiring “Momtrenpreneurs”, not forgetting their constant giveaways and reviews. If you haven’t checked out their site you should do so, just as soon as you finish reading this posting!

But that is not all…. Nicole Feliciano is also a great event planner.

Me in my group's nursery we created!

Me in my group’s nursery we created!

Mid November I was invited to my first MomTrends event which was held at ELK Studios in the Chelsea area of New York City. The event was also hosted by MDB Family and Project Nursery and besides getting to see a lot of really cool Nursery ideas and products (think DaVinci, Ubabub and Franklin & Ben) there was also a really clever activity. All of the Mummy Bloggers and Editors who were in attendance were broken up into groups and encouraged to create a nursery on a set by using any of the pieces in the adjoining showroom displaying the trends. I was in the first Group and unfortunately we did not win, but secretly I think we should have!!

As this event was held very close after the devastating Super Storm Sandy MomTrends teamed up with Baby Buggy by asking guests to give nappies, wet-ones and any other toiletries to help the victims, which was a thoughtful idea. Baby Buggy is a non-profit organization that distributes all things baby to families in need. If you are interested in donating to this cause (in particular for Sandy outreach) please click HERE for further information!

From high heels to strollers — I help moms stay in tune with all things stylish and cool.
–Nicole Feliciano
The second MomTrends event I was invited to was held downtown in SOHO at the awesome loft space of The New Traditionalists. The theme this time was inspirations for Holiday Entertaining, which I greatly appreciated as everything always gets so complicated during the holiday season! There is always so much to do, and so little time, so seeing some On-The-Ballers make it look easy was comforting.However, I will admit, I was a little nervous when I first walked into the room as I did not know anybody. I spent some time making small talk with the nice lady at the door who took some of my unused jackets and new nappies for the non-profit Baby Buggy. But, then it was like being at school on the first day. Thankfully though, there was a mini-bar upon entry offering, yep you guessed it – Pearl Pom Appletinis – which were yummy! After that I was up and ready to mingle!

I met some of the friendly guys who work at DucDuc – the forward thinking NYC children’s furniture company. My favorite piece was the Regency Infant Cot that you can see in the bottom left photograph – it was so beautiful! If I am ever in the need for another cot I know which one I am buying!

The rest of the evening was left to chatting, laughing, twittering, instagraming and listening to the MomTrends team talk about new products and ideas. Oh yeah, and meeting some new Mummy Blogger friends like Pam AKA Triple Threat Mommy

At the end of the night I took home some lovely tea from Kusmi, a BRAVE dvd (which Miles is watching as I write this), a big furry snuggly blanket (which Miles affectionately calls his “cubby house” because he likes to hide underneath it) and some Method dishwashing detergent – among other items in a very generous goodie bag!

It was a lovely party and I had a great time. I am looking forward to many more events with MomTrends.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

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