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She explained that those 3 boys were her sons, and for the past year her sons had been sharing a single pair of shoes. Her oldest son had been walking to school, coming home, giving his shoes to his brother, and he had to wait until Thursday to go to school again. Now all of her sons could go to school every day and they got to walk there together. Blake Mycoskie

I was first introduced to TOMS as a brand, when my Son started wearing shoes, a year or so back. Yes, TOMS were the first shoes Miles Storm ever wore, and since then neither of us have looked back. In case you did not know, TOMS has an amazing collection for little ones that I recommend checking out!

Both of our shoe collections have many kinds of styles, sure, we are a little obsessed. My favorite is the original Classic Shoe, being a alpargata/espadrille like style which was inspired by the shoes worn by farmers for over a century in South America.

Personally I love TOMS for many reasons; the bright colors, how comfortable they are, how affordable they are, and did I mention how comfortable they are? However, the 2 main reasons I love TOMS is because they have vegan (animal-free) options available, and that the whole company was founded on the hope of being able to give back to people in need.

Six years ago, back in 2006, while founder Blake Mycoskie was holidaying in Argentina he experienced an epiphany moment. After seeing that many of the local children running around him were not wearing shoes to protect their little feet, he vowed to change that.  The idea dawned on him to start a non-profit that was sustainable instead of relying on donations. Genius right? However, many people have great ideas and never follow through. Thankfully Blake is a follow-through kind of guy which has resulted in 2 million needy people now wearing shoes. Blake’s dream was realized and the global movement was born. But he did not stop there….

Last year, TOMS progressed with their unique business moving into Eye Wear. Following the “One for One” idea, for every pair of sunglasses sold, people in need receive prescription glasses, sight-saving surgery or medical treatment. Wow – let that sink in for a moment – I mean this is unbelievably kind, considerate and life changing. So far, TOMS has given many people around the world the gift of sight. People who otherwise would be living in darkness. This is surely such a beautiful gift, especially as the surgery in most cases, only takes a trained surgeon a few minutes to perform.

A few weeks ago, while visiting the TOMS showroom in the Meatpacking District of New York City I met with John Whitledge, the Creative Director of TOMS eye wear. On camera, I was able to chat with him about the phenomenal impact of what TOMS is doing for people around the world. Please enjoy the raw and unedited few minutes!

Buy TOMS and help make a difference.

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Miles Storm & I in matching blue TOMS

Miles Storm & I in matching blue TOMS

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