From a Blizzard to Surf Beach in a New York Minute.

Today, the 28th of December we left our Country House upstate in NY in Rhinebeck in the middle of a snowstorm, where around 8 inches of snow had fallen. Being the first major downpour for this season, Miles Storm loved being in the cold. Personally, I am not the biggest fan of the cold, and I default that back to my Australian roots. Most Australians do not experience the snow often, and we are more-so brought up spending a lot of time outdoors in the sun and on the beach. However, my husband, is a native New Yorker and was more than happy to show Miles Storm the ropes and help him build his first snowman. Grateful for that!

In the snow upstate NY

In the snow upstate NY

From One Extreme to Another.

Fast forward a few hours later and we are in the Tropics, on the British Governed Islands known as Turks and Caicos, in the sun and the surf. So funny, and possibly embarrassing, that being Australian (and from the other side of the world) a few years back when friends told us they were flying here for a holiday I thought “Turks and Caicos” was slang for Turkey… I know, like I said, funny and embarrassing! I am a little wiser these days.

The Turks and Caicos Islands are a very short 3.5 hour plane flight from NYC, roughly 1000 miles off the Coast of Miami, which makes it a very popular get away-spot for people who live on the Eastern part of the United States.

We are currently staying at the gorgeous beautiful resort right on the beach, on the Island of Providenciales, called Grace Bay Club. It is slightly on the more expensive side at a minimum of $1000 a night, but very child friendly. They do have a Kid’s Club but only if your child is over 5 years of age. Other than that babysitters are available at $20/HR. A lot of families that are staying here though brought nannies along with them which seems a little strange to me…. but at the same time I am here with my In-Laws so they have been able to watch Miles Storm a lot while my husband and I are able to spend time together.

The staff here are very nice, friendly and helpful and definitely make you feel very welcome. The resort also offer a lot of water activities which Babes and I have taken full advantage of like, sea-paddle-boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, Hobie sailing and parasailing.

**As a note; there are many resorts along the Grace Bay area which I am sure are more reasonably priced, and I would hit up a google search to help out with that. My family was lucky, that our trip was a gift from my husband’s family, which was very generous of them to say the least.

If you are a foodie, there are many top-notch restaurants surrounding where we are like Coco Bistro, Beach House and Caicos Cafe Bar & Grill. If you like beachside dining which is a little more casual, a short walk down the beach is Hemingway’s (located in The Sands resort) and Bay Bistro, famous for its coffee crusted tuna (located in the Sibbone Beach Hotel).

I love it here, it is truly paradise, and I have to be honest I really am not looking forward to heading back to the cold New York winter. I wish I could stay here forever.

Miles Storm loving the Surf

Miles Storm loving the Surf

2 thoughts on “From a Blizzard to Surf Beach in a New York Minute.

  1. Wendy T

    “It is slightly on the more expensive side at a minimum of $1000 a night…”

    Did you write that with a straight face? Because in most people’s worlds, a minimum of $1000 a night is significantly more than “slightly” more expensive.

    1. Willy B Mum

      I was actually just writing the truth… that is all. Our family bought us a trip as a holiday. I personally did find it on the more expensive side. Definitely do not want to write something that is incorrect. The most expensive rooms in the same resort were closer to $7000 a night.


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