Get the Sillies Out with Yo Gabba Gabba!

Yo-Gabba-Gabba-plans-concert-tourOnce upon a time, and not too long ago, on any given weekend night my husband and I would surely be out and about in New York City at a party, a nightclub, an event, or a bar. This was our life. We were hands-down the life of every party, and up till the crack-of-dawn with the best of the Partiers.

Of course, this was before our Son, Miles Storm was born and we became parents – things change so fast once that happens doesn’t it?

Where I am going with this is – Wow, I never thought that I would be heading out to Madison Square Garden to go to a Children’s Show as an evening activity. But, this is my life now and I Love It.

This Friday Babes and I took our Little One to see a live performance of his all time favorite TV show  – Yo Gabba Gabba! And a great time was had by all.

Yo Gabba Gabba has an awesome story behind it, being penned by 2 Fathers (Scott Schultz and Christian Jacobs) who were fed up with children’s television thus deciding to write their own. Neither of them had any experience in childhood broadcasting or early education, they just kind of wrote from their hearts and it worked. Thankfully, Yo Gabba Gabba dawned on Scott and Christian, as millions of children around the world are in Love with their brainchild, and surely there will be many more children to come who will also reap the joy.

Yo Gabba Gabba first went to air in 2008 and is now shown in many countries around the world including my home Australia. As well as, Canada, Italy, France, the UK and Ireland.

The show titled “Get The Sillies Out” was amazing to see – it was fun, colorful, upbeat and bright. There really was not a dull moment, and I had a great time jigging Miles up in the air to all the wonderful music. He really enjoyed himself, and so did I. Babes also loved the show (especially when Hip Hop legend Biz Markie hit the stage), however he excused himself halfway through the experience expressing that he had a meeting to attend, leaving me to handle the rest of the nights adventures. I wasn’t expecting that but I took it all in my stride and made everything still work out.

Once the 84 minute show was over I carried Miles (thankfully with the help of my Ergo carrier) across the Street to attend the “Meet and Greet” of characters at the Pennsylvania Hotel, where we had photo opportunities with the cast including Plex, Foofa, Brobee and Muno!

I mean, this was the maddest part of all as I was wearing 6 inch stiletto boots, carrying him in his carrier, navigating through the madness of NYC in Madison Square Garden, carrying bags and trying to take photos with all the characters so we did not miss anything! I was on a mission. Oh yeah, then trying to hail a taxi peak traffic to drive us back to Brooklyn! Insanity.

But, besides all of this we had a great time. Miles was in awe, he just could not believe his little eyes that he was seeing these guys for real. And, the reason I have such a big smile on my face in most of these photos is because of his reactions to seeing his favorite guys.

“YO GABBA GABBA LIVE Get The Sillies Out” is currently on tour across the USA. I highly recommend it, there is just nothing like seeing the characters in real life…. they are so TALL!

You can view all dates and locations at the YO GABBA GABBA LIVE site HERE! Ticket prices range at every venue ranging from $30 up per person.

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5 thoughts on “Get the Sillies Out with Yo Gabba Gabba!

  1. Lina Ustu

    Hi Libby,
    I don’t know if you remember me, but I went to Drouin High with you back in the day, of course you would have known me as Lina Modaffari. I was looking through the old school magazine with my son Aiden 3 YO (my little miracle) showing him pictures of Mum when she was younger!!!!!( Wow how time flies it feels like yesterday we were all in high school) and I started to wonder “where is everyone these days, so I started to google a few people to see who I’d find, and you were one of the easiest ones to find. Just been reading your blog and have to say your just how I remembered you. I wouldn’t have called you quirky ( as you stated in one of your blogs) rather original and a real go getter, you always just went for it and had no fear. Looks like you’ve gone through life with that same enthusiasm and guts. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy, he is gorgeous, keep on enjoying every minute with him, god knows they grow so fast. Look forward to some real funny moments with him over the next 12 months, it’s amazing how much they take in, in such a short amount of time. Congrats again!

    1. Willy B Mum

      Hi Lina,
      How are you, it is great to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words, it is really nice of you to hear. Funny we both have little boy’s around the same age.
      There is a Drouin Secondary FB page, and on my personal FB there is a huge group of us that all friends still. Facebook is great for that.
      Where are you living now?

      1. Lina Ustu

        Hi Libby,
        Would you believe after being away for 20 odd years, in inner city Melbourne I have moved back to Gippsland!! My husband (Michael, )son and I are in Pakenham now, I maintained that the Gippsland was a great place grow up and Michael finally agreed to it – granted he lived one block from Chapel St most of his life so you can imagine how difficult it was to convince him…..
        I haven’t stayed in contact with anyone from Drouin High, I had left in Year 11 to go to St Paul’s and just didn’t stay in touch, and I’ll be honest with you have never had the urge to join Facebook, simply because I sit behind a desk all day at work, so the last thing I’ve wanted to do at home is turn on a computer. BUT you’re right about it being great for staying in touch with people.
        Libby, my baby boy is my miracle, the doctors have always told me I couldn’t get pregnant naturally….. Well i guess when it’s meant to be I guess they don’t have a say.
        Gosh girl what have you been up to over the last 20 years? Do you get home much?

        1. Willy B Mum

          I will be home soon again. Let’s meet at Gumbaya Park with our little ones.
          SO VERY HAPPY to have contact again with you again Lina. You were, pretty much, my first friend and a very very special friend. Thank-you for taking the time to find me.

          1. Lina Ustu

            Hi Libby, for sure would love to catch up with you again, let me know when you get back in town. I don’t know if you remember my cousin Maria, if you cast your mind back you will remember her distinguished laugh, if my memory serves me right you guys used to hang out together a bit in year 7. I will give her a call and let her know your coming home soon, I’m sure she’d love to see you too. Would you believe she has 3 little ones!! She hasn’t changed a bit, just as funny as ever, albeit she’s not as rough around the edges like she used to be but absolutely hilarious. Look forward to seeing you Bella. xx

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