Let’s Welcome Ranger Rick Junior

MIles Storm chilling at the Ranger Rick Junior

Miles Storm chilling at the Ranger Rick Junior App and Magazine launch

National Wildlife Federation, publisher of Ranger Rick, one of the longest-running, most successful children’s magazines of all time, today announced that the Ranger Rick brand will include print and digital fun for younger children, too! For the first time in Ranger Rick’s 50 year history, beginning readers can receive a Ranger Rick branded magazine specially designed for their interests and reading skills. Ranger Rick Jr is a new colorful print magazine packed with intriguing facts and world-class animal photography. But, that’s not all. Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures – Lions is a cutting-edge storybook app for the Ipad designed for kids to explore, create and play their way through incredible adventures

Mid November in NYC, I was invited by 360PR to attend the Mummy Blog information session, in NYC, launching the new Ranger Rick Junior Ipad app and a new magazine for younger Ranger Rick Junior fans aged from 4 years of age – 7 years of age. Previous to this, Ranger Rick was targeted towards children 7 years and up.

I was very excited to attend this event, as you can imagine, being an avid animal lover, vegetarian and environmentalist; this was right up my alley. I was especially excited to be taking my 2-year-old Son, as it is another avenue for me to start educating him on how to respect animals and our earth in a fun few hours of activities.

And, what a great event it was!

National Wildlife Federation had animals on interactive display; including an alligator, a hawk and the biggest snake you have ever seen! The food was delicious with many vegetarian options (thankfully for me and Miles Storm as neither of us eat animals), Ranger Rick in-the-flesh made an appearance and my little boy excitedly left with a beautiful goodie-bag with a mini Ranger Rick, puzzles and magazines.

My Son, actually started using an Ipad when he was 7 months of age, so even though the Ranger Rick App is suggested for older children, he was 100% able to comprehend it when he test-drove it at the event. As I mentioned, it is so important to me to bring up Miles Storm to be  respective of our environment and ALL animals so I love that he was so receptive to something so positive!

Long story short – I bought the featured Ipad App for him as soon as it was available on Itunes. It was $4.99, which would usually be a little expensive, as far as what I would usually spend on an App, BUT I have no problem with this as it is giving back to such an important area which is often overlooked and it is an App that Miles is going to be using for years to come!

Not to mention, it is an educational fun collective experience involving pictures, music, stories and games for the little viewer – not quite like I have seen in an App before.

So far, my Son loves it, and with the long drives that we take each week between Upstate NY and NYC it is keeping him entertained, as well as teaching him so much.


The NWF is the good ole US of A’s largest conservation organization inspiring Americans  to protect Wildlife for our Children’s future.

I am 100% committed to our Earth, our animals and educating our children on how to respect our world by providing them as much knowledge as possible for them to do so, and this is why NWF is Number UNO in my book!! Ranger Rick magazines and now Ipad App are a wonderful way to start on this at a young age in the family home!

Hanging out with a snake & one of the NWF zoo handlers. Miles is totally unphased! Funny.

Hanging out with a snake & one of the NWF zoo handlers. Miles is totally un-phased! Funny.

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