Bonding Over Beauty with Benefit Cosmetics and Mama Drama NY

Ella and Libby AKA Willy B Mum

If you want a Mom out of her bed on a Saturday morning to dress, bundle, and deliver a toddler to the babysitter you better have a great reason. And boy did Benefit Cosmetics have one last weekend! Having the opportunity to hang out at a beauty salon with a free makeover is the siren song of a new Mom. Well, it is for this one. I don’t have time to primp any more, and when I do it is with the same old products.

So, I was thrilled when Mama Drama NY asked if I would join them for a party at Benefit’s flagship store in the SOHO district of New York City. Saturday November the 17th was going to be a fun day. I was informed that this was an event for the younger crowd; bloggers bringing their teens to a world where they could find natural beauty kicked up a notch. That’s what I found there, however, if you want to dazzle someone at Eleven AM in the morning you don’t bring out a carafe of coffee!

Benefit Product Willy B Mum cannot live with out – High Beam – used on the cheeks for highlights & immediate shimmer!

No…you give them unlimited amount of great champagne, eyes and skin that pop and wonderful conversation. As I’m one of the bloggers without a child old enough for a makeover I took a back seat to all the excited teens. I watched as their skin tones were perfectly matched by the experts at Benefit; their skin glowed and their eyes popped as they admired themselves in the mirrors. It was very sweet to see them look at their newly made up mothers with critical and approving, lightly mascaraed eyes. I see why Mama Drama NY used the Bonding Over Beauty message. They hit it out of the park. Even sans child I bonded over beauty, too.

Loving the VIBE at the Benefit Beauty Bar on West Broadway in SOHO

I also met Ms. Willy B Mum at the event and we became super-glued. There was talk of makeup, beauty treatments, breastfeeding, babies, and blogs. It’s the kind of thing you would normally discuss when the nail polish was drying, but remember that champagne? Yup. It happens to be the thing I must need on a brisk Saturday morning to get me to open up so quickly. Of course, any Mom of a toddler also loves talking about her wee-one and so we were off to the races discussing how we are managing our careers and our children. We talked for what must have been a while because soon it was time for my marvelous makeover and when it finished (quickly I assure you), the place was clearing out, and goodie-bags were disappearing. Time Flies When You’re Having Fun Ella!!!

Champagne and Make-Up .. GENIUS!

I loved my day with Mama Drama NY. The store, located at 454 W Broadway, is beautifully decorated with wonderful sayings about natural beauty adorning the walls, the staff were all smiles and kept us bloggers moving while making us feel beautiful, and I swear I’ve saved the best for last. The makeup was a hit with me! The foundation made my skin so smooth and my look throughout the day caught much attention. So thanks, Mama Drama and Benefit, for making my early Saturday morning so worth every gorgeous moment.

I have to agree with all of what Miss Ella wrote here, and I do want to also mention that I have a very personal connection with San Francisco born Benefit Cosmetics, as it is my hands-down favorite make-up company. Thank goodness for the twin sisters Jane and Jean who co-founded the fun quirky, and such the unique Benefit Cosmetics – there is nothing else out there like it! I have been a huge fan since I first moved to NYC over 10 years ago now (can you tell) so I was beyond excited to be invited to this event.

I was totally surprised to see the champagne also, and like Ella, I was not going to say No to a morning cocktail! Would you? Being new to the Mummy Blogger event scene, I find that it can be very stressful walking into a room especially when you do not know anybody! Thankfully though Mama Drama NY immediately introduced me to Ella, who is the same age and who also has a child around the same age as Miles Storm. I was thankful for that casual introduction.

Yes, both Ella and I Bonded over Beauty, indeed we did…

This is my second Mama Drama event, and I am looking forward to many more to come.

**This posting was written by Ella Rucker who is a NYC based Writer, Poet, Producer and of course Mother! (with a little insight from Willy B Mum in GREEN)

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