Ring A Ding Ding is Beautiful!

Last week Miles Storm and I were invited (by Mama Drama NY) to attend the colorful English production “Ring A Ding Ding” at The New Victory Theater in Times Square NYC. And, I am so glad we went! The acclaimed British based Children’s Theater Company, Oily Cart, have created nothing short of a Wonderland in this 1 hour interactive show, which wowed my little boy’s socks off! I was pretty impressed myself. It was such a beautiful experience to be apart of.

Incorporated into the story of a girl, Alice, looking for her lost dog, are all kinds of wonderful things like the man in the moon, a motorbike, a boat, a milkman and a funny sailor captain. All of which are created by intertwining the use of people and puppets. It was all very clever. The main stage was unique in that it required the audience to sit around a wooden wheel of a table with the actors performing mainly in the center creating an up close and personal vibe. The effects were fun too including water-mistings, fog and lighted balls!

My Son has just turned 2, and although the show is recommended for 3 years and up, he was able to handle it perfectly. He really enjoyed watching the dog traipse around on his antics riding a motorbike and flying in a hot air balloon! He kept pointing and saying “Mummy Motorbike Dog” – it was very cute.

The interactive element included the children being encouraged to get up from the stage to walk through hoops helping to find the Sailor Captain’s drink and biscuits, and the grand finale of dancing at a moon party with the help of George the one-band band – who rides an awesome looking oversized bicycle around the stage by the way!

For $20 per ticket, you cannot go wrong with this as an outing with your Little Ones. I definitely hope to see it with my little boy again before the season ends on Sunday November 11th.

Want more information? You can contact “The New Victory Theater” on 42nd Street at 646.223.3010, or you can click HERE for show times and availability. Go See it, you will be happy you did!

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