Ever wondered how to make a Pom-Pom

What did I do to keep busy & take my mind off the astronomical Hurricane Sandy raging outside my window, well I made a pom-pom of course!

One thing that I love to add to a Knitted Ribbed Hat is a pom-pom. It’s a great way to spruce it up and make it look that little bit more fabulous. I usually only add them to hats for children and women; guys do not seem to like them so much!

A pom-pom is a decorative ball made of loose fiber, which is easy to make. In this posting I will show you how.

What You Need

  • Yarn (for this example I used 2 different kinds, pink & white)
  • Scissors
  • 2 pieces of cardboard cut out in a donut shape, keeping in mind the bigger the circular cut-out the bigger the pom-pom. Or, alternatively you can buy the plastic template kind you see in the picture below in a craft/knitting store. I prefer the cardboard, as it is easier to get off at the end and personally I am not a big fan of plastic.

This is all you need to make a Pom Pom

What To Do

  • Firstly cut some yarn of choice, I suggest around 5 foot to start, you can always add more as needed.
  • Place the 2 donut shaped cut-outs together, and start to wrap the yarn around both of them as they are one. Continue doing this until the whole thing is covered and you can barely push any wool through the hole. This ensures a full fluffy pom-pom at the end.
  • Holding the center of the pom-pom with one hand, push scissors in between the 2 pieces of cardboard and carefully cut around the edge until all the yarn is cut.
  • Slip a long piece of thread between the 2 pieces of card, all the way around the ball, tying a secure double knot. Leave a tail of yarn so you can connect pom-pom to a hat etc.
  • Remove the 2 pieces of card, if you use scissors to do this be careful not to cut the center piece of yarn holding everything together (I have done that before).
  • Gently shake the pom-pom to fluff it out, and cut any uneven pieces of yarn to make it look even.

Making A Pom Pom

Voila, there you have it!

You now have a pom-pom which you can add to knitted hats (like me), sweaters, ponchos, booties or scarves.

The Sky is the Limit! Use your imagination. Get Creative.

This is also a great activity for older children as a fun craft project. My Grandmother showed me how to do this when I was a little girl, which I am grateful for. I am so crafty with yarn because of her taking the time to teach me these things.

Thanks for reading. Does anybody have any other great uses for pom-poms that I did not mention?

PS – Cats also love pom-poms as a play toy!

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