Two Years ago today at New York Presbyterian Hospital!

You can try all you want to prepare for the perfect pregnancy, but 99% of the time it does not work out as planned. I say 99%, as I have one girlfriend who went to the hospital on her due date and her baby was delivered on-time and exactly as the Doctor told her it would be. Since becoming a Mother, I have met hundreds of other Mums and I have only heard that story one time.


I was running 5 miles on a treadmill at the gym at least 4 times a week right up until 6 months into my first and only pregnancy (so far). Then, I developed complications, (having low amniotic fluid), so my Doctor advised that I stop exercising. That was so hard for me to do as I was already struggling with the weight gain, but for my husband I think it was even harder! He is really is into fitness, and it really bothers him if I do not exercise and I mean really bothers him! One could argue that he is actually quite neurotic about it. But that is a whole other Blog posting.

Fast forward another month and my Doctor determined that tiny little Miles Storm was in the breech position (meaning he was the wrong way around for a natural delivery), which made my situation a little more stressful. Usually, in this instance you can opt for a Doctor to physically try to turn the fetus, but it is meant to be incredibly painful and stressful for both the mother and child, and it does not always work. I outright decided against doing that. I figured that Miles Storm was in the place he wanted to be and that was the way it was going to stay.

However, because of these 2 issues it was decided that moving forward I should go into the hospital twice a week to regularly have my baby’s heart beat monitored, and my amniotic fluid checked. This seems scary now re-living it, but at the time I was just rolling with the punches and trying to focus on being calm.

Eight months into my pregnancy, I was at the hospital with my husband on a routine visit to have my amniotic fluid checked and the test showed up that I barely had any? To confirm these results I also had to have an ultrasound. Sure enough, the technician commented that Miles Storm’s head seemed bigger than normal, and quickly excused herself from the room. We both sat there petrified, not knowing what to do until a Doctor eventually came into the room and explained to us our little boy had started shunting blood to his brain as a protection mechanism (because of the low amniotic fluid) and that I should head over to the Labor & Maternity Ward immediately so a Caesarean Section could be performed. I mean, the feelings of emotion that swept over my husband and I, I cannot even put it into words……we were both so confused and concerned and all we could do was cry.

I had eaten breakfast before going in for my appointment, so I had to wait 8 hours before I could be safely operated on. By this time, late afternoon on Thursday the 16th of September 2010, being walked into the operating room I was freaking out! I tried my hardest not to be scared, but seeing all the tools they use to operate with is really quite horrifying and my imagination ran away with the fairies.  I hated having the epidural and losing feeling in my lower body. I nearly had to be knocked out completely with a General Anesthesia as I kept trying to move my legs and my heart rate rose close to a dangerous point. It definitely didn’t help when I heard the Doctor operating on me comment that the umbilical cord was wrapped around my Son’s neck twice either – it just kept getting better! The nurses on the other hand were casually talking and bopping away to Justin Bieber play over the stereo system. Yes, I know the first sounds my Son heard was Justin Bieber!

Miles Storm was born a month early, just over 5 pounds in the middle of a hurricane hitting Manhattan, where apparently the sky turned green and there were hail stones as big as golf balls – true story. This is where he gets his middle name “Storm” from.  As crazy as this all seems my husband and I are blessed with a beautiful little boy who is loved very much by both of us, which makes it worth wild.

All of us Mummies have a story!

Me and Miles Storm one day after he was born

Me and Miles Storm one day after he was born. He was so beautiful, I looked like I had been to Hell & back but at least I had pretty blue nails!



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