Miles Storm’s first day at school – What a day

So, straight off the plane from an amazingly wonderful 4 week family holiday to Croatia, Montenegro and the United Kingdom I am back full-swing into being a Stay-At-Home-Mummy. And, what a whirlwind it is. I am juggling insane jetlag, finally pulling together the Open House of the Brooklyn Chapter of the Holistic Moms Network, planning a 10 city marketing campaign through my boutique agency Honey Bee MGMT, organizing Miles Storm’s 2nd birthday, writing this Blog post, finding time to exercise and today deal with my little boy’s first day at school! I mean, there is just not enough hours in the day is there?

Miles is enrolled in a special program specifically designed for 2 – 3 years old through the revolutionary FasTracKids program. The name kind of sums it up, but to be more specific it is an Early Childhood Enrichment Program which started in 1998 and is gaining popularity at speed all around the World. The program is not intending to replace early education but more so to enhance it, as well as encouraging natural development in our Little Ones. The classes are very small at a maximum of 8 students, with 2 teachers and costs $4500 for 10 month’s tuition.

FasTracKids is a proven innovator in international early childhood education. Using programs designed for children 6 months to 8 years old, FasTracKids provides an educational advantage by encouraging children to discover a love of learning in a fun and interactive setting. FasTracKids utilizes revolutionary technology to reinforce a child’s communication, creativity, confidence, critical thinking and collaboration skills that will carry over into the home and school settings (FasTracKids website)


Miles Storm was extremely excited on his first day! And, my husband did a beautiful job of dressing him up like a little dapper Australian Chap to mark the occasion. He looked so gorgeous! We prepared him as much as we could for his upcoming new experience by talking to him weeks in advance about how he was going to go to school soon, and do paintings, and listen to his teachers, and meet new friends etc so he was somewhat prepared. Either we did a really good job laying the groundwork for him, or he was not phased at all? As, while I can admit I was teary-eyed when I said good-bye, Miles Storm on the other hand just said “Bye Mummy, Bye Daddy” and ran off straight into the class room!

When my husband saw that I was nearly crying he told me to basically get a grip. He wasn’t any help and appeared to have absolutely no concept of what I was going through. Annoying and not surprising I guess; I am the one who has been the Stay-At-Home-Mum with our Son since he was born 24-7 day in & day out. I cannot really expect him to understand what I was going through.

The funniest part was though, at around 11.25AM my phone rang and it was somebody from FasTracKids asking me if I was going to be there to pick Miles up from school soon as class had finished at 11AM. Yes, I mixed the class end time up! On his first day at school he was left there waiting for his Mummy to pick him up! Of course I frantically ran in apologizing profusely creating quite a funny scene. Typical really, and now we have a family story to talk about always about my little boy’s first day at school.


**Local “Willy B” Knowledge – The Williamsburg FasTracKids is located at 60 Broadway between Berry and Wythe on the Ground Level, across from Diner & Marlow and Sons. The phone number is 347-987-4450, or they can be contacted via email at

Miles Storm's first day at school at FasTracKids in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Miles Storm’s first day at school at FasTracKids in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Have a good day at school Miles Storm

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