The Blueprint Cleanse, oh how I love you!

A few months ago, while Miles Storm and I were out and about in Williamsburg Brooklyn I stumbled upon a bottle of Blue Print Cleanse’s freshly pressed organic Cashew Nut, Agave, Vanilla and Cinnamon drink (AKA known as White Juice). It was amazing and we both fought over the last drop…. seriously! I took a photo of that moment and put it up through the Willy B Mum twitter feed tagging Blue Print Cleanse on it.

What happened next was really cool, with social media at it’s finest I was approached by the company and asked if I would like to be a BLOG contributor on their site & do their 3 day cleanse for FREE. I mean, how amazing is that. I was so excited, especially as over the July 4th period my husband and I had a 10 day holiday, drinking way too much wine! I was feeling a bit bloated and lazy, so a good kick in the bum not being able to eat for 3 days was a God Send.


Going along with the idea that The Best Medicine is no Medicine, giving your body a break from not having to digest foods can do wonders. Other benefits of doing a cleanse include giving you clarity of mind, giving your liver a break, helping to stimulate your metabolism, ridding your body of unwanted pounds, increasing energy and vitality, kick starting your metabolism and helping to eliminate body stress (among other things).

A few years ago my husband and I did the 10 day master cleanse which involved not eating anything at all! The only thing we consumed was a drink of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemons and water. Every morning we also had to drink a big cup of salt water. Can you imagine? It was really hard but we did it and it was such a feeling of accomplishment.

In comparison, a 3 day cleanse of vegetable juice was a walk in the park for me. I chose the hardest level that Blue Print offers, the excavation level being 4 green juices, one spicy lemonade and my favorite the cashew milk. The first day was most difficult especially having to prepare Miles Storm’s food! I nearly accidentally ate a few times. By Day 2 though I was on such a mental high, I had more energy and was more focused with everything being a lot clearer (if that makes sense). I worked out every day, and continued to breastfeed my Son the whole way through without any issues. Oh yeah, I also lost 5 pounds and my skin is now flawless.

I cannot rave enough about what a wonderful experience it was. By the time I had finished the cleanse I was loving it so much that I decided not to eat for a 4th day. Also, I have decided to stop eating dairy and seafood which I did occasionally, yes I am now committed to following a 100% vegan diet. I just felt so good consuming a plant-based diet! I understand this is not for everybody but I am really happy about my choice – it works for me.

Additionally, I am considering doing a 3 day cleanse not eating every week from Tuesday to Thursday, I just have to figure out if I can make that work doing it from home myself. It might be a little adventurous but if anybody has any suggestions please let me know as I am all ears.

So what is the nitty-gritty – Blue Print Cleanse provide USDA approved organic Cold Pressed Juice born in NYC & is available nationally by delivery. Blue Print Swears to give you nothing but the cold pressed juice. Raw and Unpasteurized. A 3 day cleanse will cost you around the $200 mark and it is delivered to your door in an ice box with numbered bottles to make it that little bit easier.

Thanks for visiting my BLOG and feel free to leave comments.

My Blueprint Cleanse has arrived and is sitting pretty in the fridge.

My Blueprint Cleanse has arrived and is sitting pretty in the fridge.

9 thoughts on “The Blueprint Cleanse, oh how I love you!

  1. Joe Malone

    When it comes to body cleaning, I think that most of the plans out there are no good. I have cheched into a lot of them, and the best one that I have seen is at
    It is 21 days, not harsh on the body, and it does more than just cleanse you. It teaches you how to start eating right. This way, you first push the reset button on your body, and then you keep it running smoothly.

    1. Willy B Mum

      I checked it out, but for me it looks a little complicated with too many bits and pieces.
      The Blue Print Cleanse did absolute wonders for me and another thing I loved about it as to how easy it was. You know, the bottles come numbered, delivered to your door in an ice box – you cannot get much better than that.

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  6. Nicole

    This is such great info Libby! Now I’m dying to try this BluePrint Cleanse. I love that the bottles are numbered. It’s fool proof! Which is good for busy Moms’ like us. Thanks for keeping me up to date on cool stuff like this. YOU ROCK!

    1. WillyBMum2014 Post author

      Thanks Nicole.
      Blue Print may deliver to Florida, but I am sure there is probably a ton of local options down your way too. The raw juice cleanse vibe is booming.
      You should try it!

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