Monthly Archives: July 2012

Finding my animal spirit with a Shamanic Healer

I go to therapy once a week in New York City to, you know, work through issues that us Mummies have. Lately though, I am not so sure I am really getting what I want from it. I feel at ends as to whether it is worth continuing? I have a hard time traveling to midtown NYC (Grand Central Station area) to sit in a fluorescent lit office for an hour, especially being such a nature-tree-grass kind of girl. With that said, I love my therapist in NYC, she is amazing and did wonders for me and my husband while we were in couple therapy when Miles Storm was first born – I do not think we would have made it without her. Thank-You Heidi! However, at this stage in my life I feel I need answers and not questions, does that make sense? I feel traditional therapy is all about asking questions.

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Today I learned how to Can home-grown produce for the winter months!

Today, upstate NY, in Rhinebeck I went to a-most-enlightening Canning workshop where I learned how to preserve fruits and vegetables by processing them and then sealing into airtight containers. By doing this; for up to 12 months (from the canning date) my family will enjoy our summer-garden-wonders captured at the peak of freshness. Love That!

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