Finding my animal spirit with a Shamanic Healer

I go to therapy once a week in New York City to, you know, work through issues that us Mummies have. Lately though, I am not so sure I am really getting what I want from it. I feel at ends as to whether it is worth continuing? I have a hard time traveling to midtown NYC (Grand Central Station area) to sit in a fluorescent lit office for an hour, especially being such a nature-tree-grass kind of girl. With that said, I love my therapist in NYC, she is amazing and did wonders for me and my husband while we were in couple therapy when Miles Storm was first born – I do not think we would have made it without her. Thank-You Heidi! However, at this stage in my life I feel I need answers and not questions, does that make sense? I feel traditional therapy is all about asking questions.

Somehow this all came together the other night when my girlfriend Diana told me about how she went to the Shamanic Healer, Frauke Rotwein, who has consulted with people looking for spiritual guidance at The Omega Institute of Holistic Studies for 7 years. The Omega Institute is thankfully located 6 miles from our weekend house in Rhinebeck upstate NY. I just know I am going to spend a lot of time there over the next few years. What a gorgeous space it is and what enlightening classes they have – anything from Chinese Watercolor Painting to Flying Trapeze to the 7 day SILENCE retreat (yes, meaning nobody talks AT ALL for 7 days). And, what an AMAZING experience I had crossing over to a new realm and meeting my animal spirit for the first time consciously.

So what happened…..Frauke’s private session with me was broken down into 3 areas.

To start, I sat down with Frauke while she burned some of the cleansing herb Sage and asked me what was going on in my life. Which, not to bore you, but I told her a few of my biggest issues at the moment. She then went into her thing which broke down as follows:

  • SHAMANIC COUNSELING. This allowed me to experience the ancient method of the shamanic journey. Aided by the heartbeat of Frauke’s drumming around me, I feel I did slip willingly into a deeper state of mind. I was also surrounded by trees and birds outside which let me access a deeper awareness of nature. Being in tune with our Earth in its rawest form is a loving and supportive universe which encourages healing. But, you have to get there, you have to feel the vibe to reap the rewards.
  • SOUL RETRIEVAL. This is a technique for restoring wholeness and balance to the spirit. My Shamic Healer, Frauke, channeled with my spirits and met with a few “Lost Libby’s” politely asking them to come back to me because I need them to be whole. Areas of our soul leave us through trauma or disease etc. In all seriousness, Frauke found part of me in a tree-house in Australia, and I did not tell her till the end but she described my tree-house that I built when I was 14 to the finer details. I think I was actually in shock and it took me a good 15 minutes before I could say to her “That was my tree”. I especially loved that when she was retrieving my Soul at the tree-house she was on the ground looking up at me and asked if I would come down & I responded “No, you come up here”. Wow, for the people who know me this is so spot on.
  • SPIRIT ANIMAL DISCOVERY It is known that everybody has a spirit animal and our spirit animal chooses us, not the other way around. Spirit animals help in restoring power and balance in one’s life. I was put into a trance of sorts by Frauke and she told me if an animal comes before me I must ask them “Are you my power animal and do you have a message for me”? What happened was, after 20 minutes of a intense drumming session I did see something that was running really fast… some kind of land animal? However, uit was going so fast I was not sure what I was seeing?
    It ends up my spirit animal is a Black Panther, he is a gleaming cat that sits near me always purring and loves me unconditionally. LOVE THAT.
    Now that I know my panther is there, if I ever shut my eyes, concentrate and ask for help he will strike out and do all he can do to help me… which being a black panther, I am sure, is a lot. Funnily enough before I first went to Omega I told my husband (out of all the animals in the world) that his spirit animal was a black sleek panther. I was close, just I was describing my animal spirit not his.

So this is a bit of a heavy post if you are not like-minded. If you are though, you can contact Frauke for a session on Wednesdays or Saturdays upstate NY for $145 for 1.5 hours. It is also assumed you will tip her which I added at $35.

This is an experience which is so deep that, me personally, I had a hard time breathing for a good 60 minutes after I walked out of the session.

The Shack where I discovered my Spirit Animal with a Shamanic Healer.

The Shack where I discovered my Spirit Animal with a Shamanic Healer.

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