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Hopper Tots  is a beautiful London-based collective Children’s Blog which features “new products, cool brands and great buys for babies and toddlers”. This week, excitingly Hopper Tots reached out to me asking what the 5 baby/toddler related items I could not have lived without being a new Mummy. (Note – update Feb 2014. This blog has now ceased)

Hmmm…. I had to think about it for a while? It seems that when you have a baby/toddler it is kind of crazy how many products you acquire, especially if it is your first child!

What I have below are the 5 items that were mentioned on the Willy B Mum Hopper Tots posting, as well as 1 other which I added for this article – Bonus edition!!

Ergo Organic Green Baby Carrier
I love my organic Ergo carrier, and with Miles Storm at 22 months of age I am still using it. Although I do not use it anywhere near as much as I did when he was a year old, it is still such a help for those moments when it is just me and him and I have to jump out of the car in a hurry to run an errand. With the Ergo a baby cannot face outwards which I was okay with as there is a lot of bad press out there about the first carrier I had, the Baby Bjorn which does face out. I have heard that having a baby under six months of age, in the Baby Bjorn, can impact hip development? The Ergo does not do this. And, being a holistic Mom I love that it is made from 100% organic cotton and colored with organic dyes. One other thing, the carrier I have is green, my husband wanted to get a black one but I was like “Green is the new Black, babe”!

Yes, I admit it, although it is not very holistic my Son has his own Ipad with many apps, music, photographs and movies on it. It is mainly used for the long car rides we take each week going between upstate NY and our apartment in the city, or when we are out eating at restaurants. I mean, I really do not know how we could survive without it, and not just for us as parents, it really is helpful for him when he is antsy and constrained to a high chair or car seat. Besides that, Miles Storm has learned so much from the educational applications he uses. I always do a lot of research on an application before I download it, with animals and nature making up most of his collection. There is also the ability to view a slide show of the hundreds of photos we have of us all as a young family, my Son especially likes to see photos of his Dad when he is away on business or at work. The video conferencing Facetime program is something we used daily when we were in Australia and my husband was in New York recently. We were away for 3 weeks and Miles missed his Dad a lot, so it was really helpful for him to be able to see and talk to him for a little while each morning.
The Ipad is a wonderful invention, and I think if used properly it is a wealth of knowledge and comfort for a Little One.

My Orange Bugaboo Cameleon
I mean, what an amazing pram the Bugaboo Cameleon is, I am seriously in love with mine. I really like that just because somebody else has the same Bugaboo it doesn’t mean theirs is going to look the same – there are endless color, function and accessory combinations. You really can design the Bugaboo to your liking and that rules.
At the moment, as we are about to take a month long trip to Europe my husband is trying to convince me to start using a foldable umbrella stroller, but I am not having it – no Siree! Back away from my Bugaboo Babes! I see no reason for a change, sure it may be a little bit easier to travel with an umbrella stroller but will Miles Storm really be as comfortable and will we look as cool? I am going to be so sad when he is too big for it, I may have to seek separation anxiety counseling…. seriously.

White Learning Tower
The Learning Tower is an amazing device that encourages creativity which can be used from 18 months to around 5 years of age. Basically, it is an adjustable height platform which elevates children to a place where they can help out at home or take part in activities like cooking, washing dishes, drawing, reading or simply observing Mum and Dad.
Miles Storm is going through a phase where he is not-so-into his high chair so he stands in his Learning Tower and eats his meals that way. He also likes to help us preparing food in the kitchen, playing with play dough and just to climb in and out of it like a jungle gym.
One thing I will say, if you are going to buy one I would recommend against the color white. Ours is so dirty and removing all the stains is challenging.

Beaba BabyCook
If you know Willy B Mum, you know that for sure my husband and I were cooking nearly all Miles Storm’s food for him when he was a baby. It really is scary with GMO’s, additives and chemicals being added to our foods and the effects they are having on our bodies, so we try to minimize the exposure as much as we can. By making our own baby food we had a lot more control and knowledge as to what was going into his body.
The Beaba baby food cooker steams, blends, warms and defrosts food – yes it really can and it is easy to use too. I actually still use ours in the kitchen for small blending jobs when cooking, so it is definitely something that you can get a lot of use from.

Thudguard Crawling Helmet
This infant soft-shelled helmet was a godsend when Miles Storm was starting to pull himself up from a crawl and learning how to walk (which seems so long ago now)! In our house upstate NY we have very hard tiled floors, and he was having some bad falls. I actually wrote a posting about it here. When he was wearing his Thudguard I had great peace of mind as I knew if he fell, for the most park, besides maybe being shocked that he was going to be okay. And, I did not have to continually be behind him when he was trying to walk which gave him more independence and me more free time.
He wore it continually day in, day out for around 4 months. He really liked it. The only thing I will say is that his head he did get really sweaty in it at times.

So there you have it, my top 6 choices for must have items for a new Baby. Feel free to add your thoughts, and let me know of any other helpful items that are good to have around, hopefully soon another Little One will be on the way and I can try your suggestions out.

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