The rewards of being barefoot in a beautiful garden

If you are looking for a beautiful outdoor activity to connect your Little One with a better understanding of nature, look no further than some dirt and seeds. Yes, it is that easy!

Gardening is a wonderful messy way to involve children in a healthy and enlightening hobby. Starting with the excitement of choosing the plants you will grow together – veggies, flowers, herbs and flowers. Next up, preparing the earth for planting, and before long you will be harvesting your woes while enjoying a special meal together……… which is one of the most rewarding family experiences ever!!!

A Family that Eats Together Stays Together.

Besides being a lot of fun, gardening helps teach valuable lessons about patience through waiting for the plants to sprout and grow – Patience is a Virtue (they say)!  It also encourages responsibility, as if a garden is not cared and nurtured for (by weeding and watering) nothing will grow.

Unfortunately all living things die, and being in the garden also highlights loss when the plants pass away at the end of the season. On top of all of this, gardening keeps children active while giving knowledge by learning to name plants.

These days unless you buy organic plants, all foods are sprayed with all kinds of harmful toxins. Growing your own Garden is the way to avoid this. It’s really quite simple & So Rewarding while being a beautiful way to spend time.

It is really important to me that my Son knows where his food comes from. I was shocked by Jamie Oliver’s visit to the Unhealthiest City in America – Huntington (West Virginia) – where children were unable to identify the simplest raw-food like tomatoes? My Son, at 21 months, is easily able to point out kale and rosemary!

I love plants, I like feeling green all around me, somehow it puts me at ease much the same way the sound of the Ocean does. My Grandmother was a big gardening, and as well as her teaching me how to knit, I am grateful to her for exposing me to her love at a very young age. I still remember making mud-pies in the garden, and being fascinated to see food being pulled from the ground. I am very lucky to be able to carry this on to my beautiful little boy and for him to walk barefoot and feel the dirt beneath his feet.

Miles Storm in the garden!. Such a beautiful vibe.

Miles Storm in our Veggie garden upstate NY in Rhinebeck!. Such a beautiful vibe.

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