Nappy Free in NYC! Let’s do this Miles Storm!

This morning, I attended the Diaper Free, Elimination Communication meet-up at Caribou Baby in Greenpoint. It was amazing, and I am so glad that I went. I feel so much the wiser now as to what the next steps shall be to get my 20 month old out of nappies. Better late than never.

I successfully practiced “EC” with Miles Storm from 7 months of age, however at around 14 months he just stopped going on the potty. He would cry every time I put him on it. He had regressed, and apparently this is quite common? It left me in quite a spot-of-confusion, especially as I really do not know any other Mummies who have tried EC who I could discuss with.

This is why the meet-up today was so enlightening, wonderful and amazing!

This past week, I have let my Son walk around the house without a nappy on as much as possible. I am doing this, with the idea that he will become more aware of his actions and start to be a little more responsible (in the most mellow way)…..meaning that he will start to get what is going on and start progressing towards the potty.


* Whenever we are at home my little boy will be nappy free.

* I will have piddle-pads on hand to catch any accidents.

* I will constantly ask Miles if he needs to use the potty.

* He will go on potty as soon as he wakes up from any nap.

* When we go out he will now be in cloth training pants so he feels the wetness, thus making him more aware of his actions.

* Stop using nappies altogether, unless on long car/pram trips, and Overnight!

* If he has an accident, I will ask him to help me clean it up.

I realize that this is a LOT OF WORK, but I know it will be best for my whole family if he is potty-trained as soon as possible.

If you have any other suggestions or feedback, please let me know as I am on a mission and am All Ears!!

Going Nappy-Free in NYC!

Going Nappy-Free in NYC!

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