My thoughts on the everybody-is-up-in-the-air-about-it Children’s book “Vegan is Love”.

How Wonderful that at this very moment every person, big and small, has the power to create a better world! We don’t have to wait to grow older, for laws to change, or for presidents to be elected. We can begin right now. (Ruby Roth)

Have you ever thought that it is strange that Children’s books with farm animal themes always say things like “Cows give us milk and cheese” and “Sheep give us wool to keep us warm”. They never say “We also kill animals and eat them” (and I know that is harsh but it is the reality). Why do we cover that up, and avoid that it happens? It is because it is horrible and scary and we do not want our Little Ones to become upset; which makes sense.

Last week, thanks to my twitter feed, I heard about the LA based author Ruby Roth’s new book Vegan is Love. I had never heard of Ruby before, but there sure was an uproar about her book on a lot of the parenting feeds I follow. Words I read included – disgraceful, outrageous and irresponsible. The interesting thing was, a lot of the opinions were coming from people who had not read the book, they could not have, as it wasn’t being released to the public till a few days later?

My Son and I follow a mainly vegetarian diet, and I try my best to eat vegan. My husband eats animals, that is his choice, I wish he would stop but that will probably never happen. Miles Storm and I do not suffer in food choices, if anything we eat an abundantly healthy diverse menu. My husband is an amazing cook and we are fortunate that he makes us all kinds of wonderful things like Lentil Bolognaise, Kale Pesto, Tomato and Farro, and his new Indian style Cauliflower.

The reason we are raising our Son this way is because I want him to make the decision, when he is old enough, whether he will eat animals. I very strongly believe that  it is a choice he should make. “Vegan Is Love” is going to be a great resource to explain to him what happens to animals that are killed for food, with the information he needs to make an educated choice.

Ruby made a good point, (on the  Today Show), when confronted with the opinion that her book is frightening saying “If it’s too scary to talk about, the reality of where those pieces of meat come from, then it’s certainly too scary to eat”.

“Vegan is Love” is aimed at educating 4 – 11 year old children about the option of not-eating animals and the trying-effect eating animals has on OUR Earth, our bodies, as well as – what the real creatures that are raised to be eaten go through. The pictures are prettily drawn, but there are some – WARNING –  tragic images of animals being killed. It is also sad to read in parts.. for obvious reasons – it effects you (well it effected me anyway).

“Vegan is Love” is educational and moving. I have already read parts to Miles and I will continue to read this book to him, although, some pages I will skip till he is a little older as it might be a little disturbing only because he LOVES animals so much (just like his Mummy)!

Reading Miles Storm "Vegan is Love" by Ruby Roth.

Reading Miles Storm “Vegan is Love” by Ruby Roth.

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