Miles Storm meets “Franklin The Pig”, the urban living legend!

Franklin the blue-eyed, micro-mini Pig is one of Williamsburg’s most beloved treasures. He spends his days (when the weather permits) out the back of Crest Hardware in their gorgeous over-flowing Garden. Last week, I was finally able to visit him for the first time with my Son, Miles Storm. We both fell in love with the Aussie Magpie look-a-like pig! He was so friendly, and beautiful.

According to the website Global Animal “Through a mostly vegan diet — he is allowed the occasional piece of cheese — Franklin maintains a trim weight of 39 pounds. It’s his fan base that’s growing. He can’t trot down the street without being besieged by paparazzi”.

A few months back I was rushing down Metropolitan Avenue to take Miles to a Puppetsburg class, when out of my peripheral vision thought that I saw a guy walking a pig? I pushed it out of my mind though figuring that I was seeing things…. I mean Brooklyn is a bustling city and I was in a hurry …… then I heard about Franklin and how he lived at the Hardware Store. It all came full circle!

To make it easier for Franklin’s MANY fans (and no doubt the staff) there is a sign out the front of the hardware store which reads whether Franklin is IN or OUT of the garden. If he is OUT he could be at a photo-shoot or even watching a game of softball in the park with his Dad (Joseph Franquinha)! Franklin gets around, and you are just going to have to try again next time!

If you want to know more about Franklin he has his own Facebook page with over 2300 fans which you can check out HERE!

Crest Hardware is located at 558 Metropolitan Avenue (Btwn Union & Lorimer) in East Williamsburg. They are Open Monday – Saturday 8am to 7pm, & Sunday 10am to 5pm.

P.S Don’t forget to say Hello to Finlay the grey African Parrot who also hangs out at the store!


As this type of pig is so small (around 35 pounds) they are actually perfect to keep in a city apartment, and adapt very well to doing so. Like most pets, teacup pigs can be quite affectionate. They are also very clean animals and highly intelligent! Pigs can be toilet-trained and walk well on leashes just like dogs! They are a perfect alternative if you have allergies as, unlike cats and dogs, they produce hardly any pet dander. With proper supervision, children can be taught how to take care of a pig, thus teaching them how to teach their pet tricks, and how to behave properly socially in an urban environment. I believe presenting your child with responsibility at a young age will teach many life lessons that will definitely help mold the wonderful person they are sure to become in future years!

For around $750 you can buy a delightful little munchkin from Spring Woods Farm in Pennsylvania who specialize in miniature pet pigs. This is the same farm Franklin came from!

What do you think, who’s up to getting a pet pig. I say, the more pigs in “Willy B” the better! I would so love one! Somehow though, I do not think my husband will go for it?

Visiting "Franklin the Pig" at Crest Hardware on Metropolitan.

Visiting “Franklin the Pig” at Crest Hardware on Metropolitan.

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