Let’s go to PLAY…. finally 20 months later!

I have planned on visiting PLAY since my Son was born having heard that it a wonderful place for early childhood, and today we finally made it… it only took me 20 months to get there! Time fly’s right, I do not have a baby anymore, I have a little boy!

The staff was wonderful, the place was very clean, bright and homely, although I have to say from all the pretty pictures and amazing reviews I expected to walk into Disneyland!

PLAY offers a lot of classes, which are executed by Rug Bug, but like the majority of venues in the area unless they get enough sign-ups the semester is cancelled. You cannot always take what you see on the specific webpages as correct information so I suggest you call in advance to hear the real deal of what is going on.

It appears that teachers cannot justify drop-ins and fair enough, if I was a teacher I would want to know that I had a full class. However, being a Mum, sometimes I have good intentions of getting to a class but then there is a dirty nappy, or a hungry baby and why should you pay for a class that you did not get too?

I think that the venues should change it up by committing to the provider a certain amount of money and then letting the children slide into other semesters if they miss a class, like a pay-as-you-go 10 pack. I would so be into that.

PLAY is located at 333 Nassau Avenue across from McCarren Park in Greenpoint, and are open Monday to Friday 10AM – 6PM and Saturday and Sunday 10AM – 4PM. They also offer special events like Friday afternoon “Movie Nights” and regular weekly appearances from Clementine and Piggy B; the stars of Puppetsburg.

Instagram of Play today.

Instagram of Play today.

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