Traditional pediatric or a holistic pediatric, both works for us

Is there any other Pediatrician to go to if you live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn other than TriBeCa Pediatrics? If there is, I do not know about it, but considering they are only a few blocks from our apartment I cannot say that I’ve ever looked for another.

Tribeca Pediatrics has been at 212 Berry Street for about 4 years. They are also in the (New York City area) on the Upper East Side, Chelsea, Park Slope, Harlem, Greenpoint, Long Island City and of course TriBeCa where they originated 10 years ago.

Personally, we have 2 pediatricians we use for Miles Storm. One is 31 year practicing Dr Joseph Malek who is Bambini Pediatrics, located upstate New York in Poughkeepsie. Dr Malek is somewhat of a living legend in the modern-hippie Mum world up there, and has a cult following – true story! His practice is holistic, meaning he does not necessarily push the immunizations and prefers natural remedies to cure problems.

And, locally in the city we use the very traditional TriBeca Pediatrics.

We have a house upstate New York in the Hudson Valley. This is where we spend a lot of time, and being a holistic Mother I wanted to have contrast and varying opinions so when I chose our upstate pediatrician I went with Dr Malek. You know, this way we hear the theories from both sides of the fence.

Since our Son was born, depending on the feedback from the varying trains of thought, sometimes we have leaned towards Bambini Pediatrics suggestions and other times Tribeca Pediatrics suggestions. For example, my Son has had all of his immunizations except his Chicken Pox and MMR – Bambini Pediatrics told us that if we do decide to immunize Miles Storm we could wait till he is 2 years old, where as Tribeca Pediatrics very much pushed for him to have it at 12 months; which we just couldn’t do! Are we going to immunize him against measles, mumps, rubella  and chicken pox? My husband and I are still not sure, we go back and forwards about it all the time.

The hands-down best thing about Tribeca Pediatrics (beside the organic lollipops) is two-time-Mummy Dr Dominika Wittek. She was a God-Send for me when I went through troubling times not long after my Son was born. Being so far from my home, family and friends in Australia I truly do not know what I would have done without her support and advice. She called me on the phone to check in with me and was available to me via email. I cannot even put in to words what a beautiful and genuinely caring Doctor she is. I am one of her biggest fans, and I highly recommend her to any new local Mums out there looking for someone to watch over your Little One as they grow.

If you are in  New York City, it is handy to know that Tribeca Pediatrics also offer classes in CPR, Essential Baby Care, Breastfeeding Preparation and Preparation for Childbirth. You can find out more information about this at their webpage

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Dr Wittek giving Miles Storm his 18 month check-up!

Dr Wittek giving Miles Storm his 18 month check-up!

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  1. ela

    i just transferred my daughter who is almost 3 yo at tribeca pediatrics at warren st. this is helpful i had no idea which doc to choose…. thanx ela


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