Nothing like a CAT Scan on a Sunday morning!

Last night when Miles Storm finished up bath time and was getting towled off, he slipped on the wet floor, fell backwards and hit his head. I tried to catch him but didn’t make it in time. He was really upset, but eventually calmed down and went to sleep for the night. This morning when he woke up, I breastfed him and not long after that he started vomiting every 10 minutes. After about an hour of this we knew we had to take him to the hospital. One thing you learn being a new parent is that children fall, and they are usually okay. When he was born we freaked out about everything and have been known to take him to the ER for things that seem a little silly, (in retrospect).

At the hospital, he had a CAT Scan to check that he did not have a head injury – it was an awful feeling to see him go into one of those big machines. Thankfully, he was okay and the Doctor ruled that he had a stomach virus and that the vomiting had nothing to do with his fall. We sat there with him for over an hour waiting for this information. It was such a relief to hear.

The experience this morning made me think back to 8 months ago when Miles Storm was in his crawling/learning to walk phase. We have very hard floors and after watching him have one too many falls, I Googled “Crawling Helmets”. Surprisingly enough, I found a UK infant safety hat called “Thudguard” which I eagerly ordered immediately. I admit, at first I did feel a bit silly having him in a helmet while he was exploring and learning how to use his body, but once I had seen the Thudguard save him just one time I was confident that I made the right decision in purchasing one. I had great peace-of-mind knowing that there was that extra safety barrier in place if he did fall.

The revolutionary Thudguard was designed by a mother – it figures, what a great idea – and is available in either blue or purple. It retails for about $50USD + shipping. It is very lightweight and has holes for extra ventilation. I also love the “baby cute” little ears. Miles Storm never complained about wearing it either. You can order one directly from the Thudguard website.

In my opinion, it is Just Better To Be Safe Than Sorry!

Miles Storm wearing his Thud-Guard crawling helmet.

Miles Storm wearing his Thud-Guard crawling helmet.

4 thoughts on “Nothing like a CAT Scan on a Sunday morning!

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  3. lavanya

    Hi Willy, we had a similar situation and CT scan was done. But now I am worried about the cancer risks from radiation and feeling horrible about it. 🙁

    1. WillyBMum2014 Post author

      If it makes you feel any better, I think one time is fine, I actually think your child will have to be exposed quite a lot of times for any risk of cancer. Maybe ask your Doctor. Hope you are feeling a bit better now. Libby


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