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I did it all by myself – 9000+ miles/26 hours in the air with a 17 month old.

Wow, have me and Miles Storm been on a journey! It all started Monday afternoon when we missed our flight to visit my family and friends in Australia. Not sure how it really happened but we thought we were flying out on the Tuesday, not the Monday. Thanks to my husband, we managed to get on a flight the next afternoon experiencing SO MUCH STRESS to accomplish that.

I was petrified in the first place about how I was going to get Miles Storm through the 6 hour flight to LAX, let alone the 4 hour wait in between for our 16 hour flight to my home town Melbourne. However, my Son was a trooper. Unbelievable. He slept all the way to LAX, then ran around the airport when we arrived in Los Angelos… exhausting himself. Brilliant. Once on the 2nd plane he fell asleep for 9 hours in his on-board bassinet! When he woke up he was so content to sit on the floor and play with toys, watch movies on his Ipad or just breastfeed.

It did help that on QANTAS flights you can request, at no extra cost, a bassinet for babies/toddlers up to 11.8 kg/26 pounds. Luckily Miles made the cut. Another bonus of requesting a bassinet is the area where you have to sit on the plane has triple the leg space, and as there were no other bassinet requestees on my flight I had 4 seats to myself. Amazing. The flight could not have been any smoother in my wildest dreams.

I can only hope our flight back to NYC is the same.

Miles Storm in the air heading to Australia for the first time.

TriBeCa Pediatrics – Dr Wittek is the Proof in the Pudding!

Is there any other Pediatrician to go to if you live in Williamsburg other than TriBeCa Pediatrics? If there is, I do not know about it, but considering they are only a few blocks from our apartment I cannot say that I’ve ever looked for another.

Tribeca Pediatrics has been at 212 Berry Street for about 4 years. They are also located on the Upper East Side, Chelsea, Park Slope, Harlem, Greenpoint, Long Island City and of course TriBeCa where they originated 10 years ago.

Personally, we have 2 pediatricians we use for Miles Storm. One is 31 year practicing Dr Joseph Malek who is Bambini Pediatrics upstate in Poughkeepsie – he is somewhat of a living legend in the modern-hippie Mum world up there and has a cult following (true story). His practice is holistic, does not necessarily push the immunizations and prefers natural remedies to cure problems.

And, locally we use the very traditional TriBeca Pediatrics.

We have a house upstate where we spend a lot of time, and being a holistic Mummy I wanted to have contrast and varying opinions so when I chose our upstate pediatrician I went with Dr Malek. You know, this way we hear the theories from both sides of the fence.

Since our Son was born, depending on the feedback from the varying trains of thought, sometimes we have leaned towards Bambini Pediatrics suggestions and other times Tribeca Pediatrics suggestions. For example, my Son has had all of his immunizations except his Chicken Pox and MMR – Bambini Pediatrics told us that if we do decide to immunize Miles Storm we could wait till he is 2 years old, where as Tribeca Pediatrics very much pushed for him to have it at 12 months; which we just couldn’t do! Are we going to immunize him against measles and chicken pox, we are still not sure? We go back and forwards about it all the time.

The hands-down best thing about Tribeca Pediatrics (beside the organic lollipops) is two-time-Mummy Dr Dominika Wittek. She was a God-Send for me when I went through troubling times not long after my Son was born. Being so far from my home, family and friends in Australia I truly do not know what I would have done without her support and advice. She called me on the phone to check in with me and was available to me via email. I cannot even put in to words what a beautiful and genuinely caring Doctor she is. I am one of her biggest fans, and I highly recommend her to any new local Mums out there looking for someone to watch over your Little One as they grow.

Tribeca Pediatrics also offer classes in CPR, Essential Baby Care, Breastfeeding Preparation and Preparation for Childbirth. You can find out more information about this at their webpage

Dr Wittek giving Miles Storm his 18 month check-up!

Nothing like a CAT Scan on a Sunday morning!

Last night when Miles Storm finished up bath time and was getting towled off, he slipped on the wet floor, fell backwards and hit his head. I tried to catch him but didn’t make it in time. He was really upset, but eventually calmed down and went to sleep for the night. This morning when he woke up, I breastfed him and not long after that he started vomiting every 10 minutes. After about an hour of this we knew we had to take him to the hospital. One thing you learn being a new parent is that children fall, and they are usually okay. When he was born we freaked out about everything and have been known to take him to the ER for things that seem a little silly, (in retrospect).

At the hospital, he had a CAT Scan to check that he did not have a head injury – it was an awful feeling to see him go into one of those big machines. Thankfully, he was okay and the Doctor ruled that he had a stomach virus and that the vomiting had nothing to do with his fall. We sat there with him for over an hour waiting for this information. It was such a relief to hear.

The experience this morning made me think back to 8 months ago when Miles Storm was in his crawling/learning to walk phase. We have very hard floors and after watching him have one too many falls, I Googled “Crawling Helmets”. Surprisingly enough, I found a UK infant safety hat called “Thudguard” which I eagerly ordered immediately. I admit, at first I did feel a bit silly having him in a helmet while he was exploring and learning how to use his body, but once I had seen the Thudguard save him just one time I was confident that I made the right decision in purchasing one. I had great peace-of-mind knowing that there was that extra safety barrier in place if he did fall.

The revolutionary Thudguard was designed by a mother – it figures, what a great idea – and is available in either blue or purple. It retails for about $50USD + shipping. It is very lightweight and has holes for extra ventilation. I also love the “baby cute” little ears. Miles Storm never complained about wearing it either. You can order one directly from the Thudguard website.

In my opinion, it is Just Better To Be Safe Than Sorry!

Miles Storm wearing his Thud-Guard crawling helmet.

Flying Squirrel on North 6th Street!


I am trying, my hardest, to sell some of Miles Storm’s equipment that he has grown out of and is now sitting around our apartment gathering dust – a gorgeous white Alma cot, a exersaucer and a Mamaroo! I’ve advertised on many websites to no avail. So when another Mother told me about Flying Squirrel as a great resource to sell “gently used” clothing/equipment I headed down to North 6th to check out the store.

I noticed the store walking down North 6th as there was a Bugaboo parked on the footpath out the front for sale! Apparently, the Bugaboos go like hot cakes. Personally I cannot imagine EVER giving up my Bugaboo!

Flying Squirrel has been in the “Willy B” area since 2003 providing second-hand, NEW & high-end clothing/accessories, toys and gently-used equipment to the masses. The Store is PACKED to the brim!

Here is the deal if you want to sell your clothing – .

1. Drop Off a small Your-Name bag of 30 items max for the buyer in-store to consider for re-sale.

2. Flying Squirrel will evaluate the merchandise, as soon as they can, and call you back with the terms.

3.  They offer 50% of retail price in-store credit, when sold. OR, 25% of retail price paid via check, when sold.

4. If they are not interested in buying your clothing they will give it to charity. Or, you can come and pick it back up.

The woman in the store was SO helpful, she really made me feel very welcome, which made me feel like I should buy something – so I did! It is so hard to walk into a Children’s store and not buy at least a little something. Well, for me anyway!

Flying Squirrel is open Monday to Thursday from 11:00AM till 7:00PM, Friday to Saturday from Noon till 8:00PM and Sunday Noon till 7PM.

Update — Since writing this post the Flying Squirrel is now at the new location of 87 Oak Street, Brooklyn. We suggest calling them in advance with any questions 718 218 7775

At Flying Squirrel!

The first of it’s kind in the whole wide world – Brooklyn Children’s Museum!

It is raining in Williamsburg today, not a very pleasant day to be outside, so I took Miles Storm to the Brooklyn Childrens Museum at 145 Brooklyn Avenue in Crown Heights. If it was a nice day I could in theory walk, it is only 4 miles away, but either way you have to walk through a dodgy part of town, near Bed-Stuy, and that is not such a good idea.

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum was originally the first of its kind in the whole wide world, having opened in 1899 – 113 years ago! It was also the first museum in the United States, and many say the first museum on Planet Earth! There are now about 300 children’s museums in the world based off the Brooklyn model. It also holds the title off the first GREEN museum in New York. In case you are wondering – a green museum is one that incorporates concepts of sustainability into its operations, programming, and facility. In 2010 the First Lady Michelle Obama recognized the museum as one of the best youth arts & humanities programs in the USA. All this right in our backyard Willy B! It is a pretty special place, and an absolute must-visit if you have children.

There was so much to do for my 17 month old. At first, I thought that it would be a little advanced for him as on the BCM webpage all the activities seemed geared towards older children. In my opinion, the website is actually quite confusing with way too much going on. Once I arrived at the museum I found that there is a specific section just for children under 5; which has a sand box, a sound area, a puppet show set-up, a building block section, arts & craft room, reading nook & my Son’s favorite – a water installation. He was so stoked. I did not stop for 3 hours running after him like a mad person; there was way too much to see.

We originally went for “Tales for Tots” story-time which was scheduled for 2.30PM? However, when I asked about it at the front desk I was directed to a free arts and craft event instead, which was fine as Miles Storm did his first painting EVER. I can now say I am one of those parents who has their child’s mish-mash paintings on the kitchen wall. Ha Ha. A milestone moment!

The rest of the museum is totally set up to entertain younger children too. Miles loved the turtles and the Plant-A-Garden section on the bottom floor. He bought pretend mangoes in the grocery store, made a pretend pizza in the pizzeria, rode on a NYC bus and danced to some African music.

I highly recommend a trip to the Museum. It costs $7.50 per person to get in. Annual membership is extremely reasonable at $85 for 2 adults/4 children unlimited. The BCM host birthday parties, camps and seasonal workshops. They have a gift store, café and a huge outdoor space on the roof.  I loved it, it was so amazing, we had a great time.

By they way, as I write this I am beyond exhausted and Miles Storm is passed-out in bed. What a day!