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My family is very fortunate in that we live upstate NY in Dutchess County every weekend, and in the bustling city of Williamsburg during the week. We have been doing this for close to 6 years now.

Upstate, we live very close to Sepascot Home Farm and buy as much food as possible from them. The animals are treated kindly and are very well looked after. They are also out on open pastures and are only fed organic feed, other than what they find in their environment. My husband makes raw milk yoghurt from the dairy cows milk and we buy all of our eggs there too. We never buy eggs from a supermarket!

Unfortunately, my husband also buys grass-fed beef from Sepascot. I say unfortunately as I do not eat meat and feel that it is really unneccessary in this day and age to do so, but I am accepting of his ways and happy that he eats grass-fed and not farmed animals.

It is always such a treat for Miles Storm to visit Sepascot, he always gets right in there with the animals. He loves it and is not frightened, which is the way it should be. The cows especially enjoy his company, when he visits they rush over to see him while he says “Moo Moo Moo” over and over again – it is very cute! He loves feeding them organic oranges, yes cows love oranges!

I really appreciate that my Son is exposed to such contrasting environments and is able to connect with many different kinds of animals. It brings me great joy. It is so important that children understand the value of animals. They are such beautiful souls and can offer so much – empathy, respect, kindness, patience and understanding.

If you are ever upstate in Rhinebeck I urge you to stop at Sepascot Farm and pick up some really yummy produce. It is all on the Honor System meaning that you leave the money in a jar – so country! It is dependent on the time of the year as to what they are selling including raw cow’s milk, yoghurt, cheese, garlic, strawberries, kale, grass-fed beef and as “free range as you can get” chickens and eggs.

Another attraction for children visiting Sepascot is that they also have a lot of animals that they have rescued like llamas, goats and horses. They are located on 308 close to Cedar Heights Road and the farm stand is open from 7AM to 7PM daily.

Miles Storm MINGLING at Sepascot Home Farm in Rhinbeck NY.

Miles Storm MINGLING at Sepascot Home Farm in Rhinbeck NY.

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