Monthly Archives: February 2012

“Dancing Toddlers” at Williamsburg Movement & Arts Center.

Miles Storm has always loved to dance, and with this in mind I signed him up for a “Dancing Toddlers” trial class at the Williamsburg Movement and Arts Center #WMAC. The trial class was $10 which I booked it a week in advance. I find $10 to be extremely reasonable for 45 minutes, especially not knowing whether it is going to work out as planned? If one decides to sign up for the 10 week program it will be $170 total. Still quite reasonable for Williamsburg!!

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“Clay Play” at Honey and Hazel Kids!

Let’s get messy, and Like It!

If you are going to head over to Clay Play at Honey and Hazel Kids MAKE sure you wear clothes you do not mind getting dirty! And, that your Little One is dressed the same.

Honey and Hazel Kids is a quaint children’s lifestyle boutique located at 770 Metropolitan Avenue in East Williamsburg. They stock all kinds of cool products like Bibdanas and Beastie Babies – very Brooklyn!

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Feel Like A Walk – Long Island City here We come!

Feel like a walk?

Gantry Plaza State Park located in Long Island City is approximately a 3 mile walk from the “Willy B”, which is around 45 minutes if you walk at a moderate pace. Great exercise, and even better if you walk the 3 miles home again!

Today, my whole family headed out to the colorful and futuristic Destination playground on the water, much to Miles Storm sheer delight. He had such a great time! The park is very unique in that the equipment is very different to other playgrounds in the area, it really leaves a lot to the imagination. Think – The Jetsons! Definitely a Playground that children can Grow with, and keep coming back for more and more. And, the views of the city are nothing short of Amazing! Hi Empire State Building. Hi Chrystler Building!

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Greenpoint Reformed Church Playgroup – AMAZING!

This morning, (not to my liking because it was so unbelievably cold and frigid out), we walked the 2 miles or so to the Playgroup which is held at the Greenpoint Reformed Church located on Milton Street.

First of all – what a beautiful street Milton is. So many gorgeous town houses, and although the leaves are not on the trees right now one can only wonder how pretty it looks in Spring/Summer. I cannot wait to see that!

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Greenpoint Library “Babies and Books” just did not happen today!

You know when you have a feeling that something is going to be cancelled, but you ignore the feeling and go full pelt into it all the same, only to be slightly stunned that the event is cancelled when you get there? That was me today – furiously putting my Little One in the pram, to leave my building, to walk the 2 miles to Greenpoint to try out “Babies and Books” for the first time at the the Greenpoint Library. I just had a feeling it was not going to go as planned.

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