Miles Storm loves to eat my hair, literally, he likes to pull out clumps of it and eat it! As a result, my hair has looked pretty tragic for a long time and I have been dying to get a Hair Cut. But, finding the time to get a haircut being a full-time Mum is almost impossible – a miracle happened yesterday though!

We were walking back from the Singalong with Lloyd at the Brooklyn Knitting Factory and Miles Storm fell asleep A LOT earlier than usual. I guess, it was the excitement of the morning and him literally dancing on the tables screaming had exhausted him! Great for me. I was walking right past AVEDA on Bedford (AKA Natural Look Salon and Spa) so I stopped to see if somebody was available. It was all Perfect. Everything went to plan and Miles Storm woke up 15 minutes after I had left the Salon.

I Love AVEDA because they do not test on animals and do not use animals in any of their products. This is a huge PLUS for me. I also used AVEDA all through my pregnancy as there are no parabens and nasty chemicals in their creams or shampoos.

My husband was very concerned about me getting my hair cut at AVEDA, he did not think that the hairdressers would be any good and that they would mess up my hair. However, they did a Wonderful job and I feel like a new person. A good hair cut can do that.

As local knowledge for all the neighborhood Mummies – the store is huge so there is a lot of rooms for a pram, the door access is also very easy with a pram. They are very reasonably priced; my hair is really long and I was charged $75! They also serve you the most amazing AVEDA Comforting Tea ever – I am drinking some right now and it is Yummy.

This is my new Go To Hair Do place in Willy B! I will be Back.

Me and Miles Storm with my new Hair-Do!

Me and Miles Storm with my new Hair-Do!

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