Greenpoint Reformed Church Playgroup – AMAZING!

This morning, (not to my liking because it was so unbelievably cold and frigid out), we walked the 2 miles or so to the Playgroup which is held at the Greenpoint Reformed Church located on Milton Street.

First of all – what a beautiful street Milton is. So many gorgeous town houses, and although the leaves are not on the trees right now one can only wonder how pretty it looks in Spring/Summer. I cannot wait to see that!

Playgroup starts at 10.30AM and runs through 12 noon. The asked donation is $5 which is AMAZING, especially compared to the other activities around  town. This is a BARGAIN and so welcomed.

The lady who runs the group Melanie Sawyer is a Professional Baby Wrangler… yes you heard me right and you can click on her name for more information on that. Mel was so welcoming, helpful and informative – just such a genuinely lovely person! I am very much looking forward to seeing her next Friday. The playgroup had such a sense of Community, rather than “All Business” if you know what I mean!

The playgroup was full to the brim with eager little minds. It was really beautiful to see  the Little Ones so excited to play on the Jumping Castle and roll around in the mini Ball Pit. I so remember loving the Ball Pit when I was a little girl!

I cannot rave enough about how much fun it was for Miles Storn. I was so impressed. This experience is definitely a Great recovery from my experience at Frolic yesterday!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to Local Mummies to add to their weekly calendar. It was such a Positive vibe!

Here is a picture of Miles complimenting some of the local Greenpoint Art on the way home today.


Miles Storm in Greenpoint Brooklyn

Miles Storm in Greenpoint Brooklyn

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