“Dancing Toddlers” at Williamsburg Movement & Arts Center.

Miles Storm has always loved to dance, and with this in mind I signed him up for a “Dancing Toddlers” trial class at the Williamsburg Movement and Arts Center #WMAC. The trial class was $10 which I booked it a week in advance. I find $10 to be extremely reasonable for 45 minutes, especially not knowing whether it is going to work out as planned? If one decides to sign up for the 10 week program it will be $170 total. Still quite reasonable for Williamsburg!!

Although the title of this program is “Dancing Toddlers”, it is more like a Movement & Music class. There was not a lot of dancing as such, which I was under the impression it was before attending today. This is another reason why Trial classes are Great! Now I know exactly what the vibe is!

The class was headed by the #WMAC day manager Lindsay who was very animated and kept the children engaged the whole way through! She was very good. I cannot imagine that this is easy to do.  Activities included playing with musical instruments, (bells, clappers and sticks), parachute time, singing songs and playing on an obstacle course that involved maneuvering through a pretty colored tunnel.

I feel that this class is just a little too advanced for Miles Storm at 16 months of age, even though he had a really FUN time. The children in the class were a few months older than him, and he kept trying to leave the room.

I will definitely try it out again with him when he is a little older.

Miles Storm channeling Justin Timberlake at “Dancing Toddlers” class today.

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