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Mighty Mamas – Indeed is exactly that!

Okay, so I do Crossfit on a regular basis. And, if you know what Crossfit is you know how insane and painful it is most of the time. But, every time I go to a “Mighty Mamas” class it really makes Crossfit feel like a walk in the park and kind of like a Pussy activity. SERIOUSLY!

Mighty Mamas” is the name given to an exercise group of Mummies who work out at the Williamsburg Movement and Arts Center located at 347 Grand Street (between Havemeyer St & Marcy Ave).

The classes are held at 9AM till 10AM every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning. You can either drop in for $15 a class or buy a 10 class card up front for $135.

While You work your Bum off getting back to your Pre-Baby shape your Offspring can run or LAY around with the other babies/toddlers. My 16 month old loves it, he exhausts himself running around, which means he goes straight down for his morning nap once we leave! Love that.

I went to “Mighty Mamas” this morning and nearly died, and I am an extremely fit Mum! It is a very hard class that surely gets results, but is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Up AND at ‘Em Willy B!

Mighty Mamas at Williamsburg Movement and Arts Center.

Marlow and Sons… yes you can!

Ever wondered, where you can comfortably take your baby in a Pram when trying to eat in Willy B? I do ALL THE TIME!.

It is so awkward – when you have your Little One all mobile – to realize on arrival that you are just not going to be able to eat there.

At Marlow and Sons located on Broadway at number 81, you can be seated just fine IF you head straight in to the back room and park the carriage by the bar on the left hand side.

This of course only works if the restaurant staff are willing to work with you.

Consider this LOCAL KNOWLEDGE!