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Amber from Easy Green Mom recently gave EcoWasher a try and is very pleased with her EcoWasher Elite!  You can read her review HERE. 

The EcoWasher is compact, fast, easy to install and saves thousands over its decade lifespan. Benefits of the EcoWasher® include: less lint in dryers, soft fabrics, increase in fabrics longevity and ultimately supporting a healthier non toxic laundry experience.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 10.33.46 AM

Functions of EcoWasher ELITE:

  • EcoWasher® Germ Shield Technology™- Advanced nanosiler ions create a powerful invisible shield that disinfect and protect your clothing! This antimicrobial agent works to kill and repel odor-causing bacteria, germs and viruses!
  • Sterilizes and disinfects
  • Deep cleans laundry with no use of detergent
  • Decontaminates and purifies
  • Conserves energy and protects the environment
  • Adds no pollutants to the water
  • The EcoWasher® ELITE works automatically. After proper installation, simply operate your washing machine following the manufacturer’s opening instructions. The EcoWasher® ELITE will turn on automatically while water is flowing through it. *Note: Blue light will only appear while water is flowing through the unit.

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5 gifts from Mother Nature, to help ensure a good night sleep

RL_Herbs_2014Winter is well and truly here in New York City, and with that inevitably comes colds and bouts of the flu. After a long chilly day not feeling so well, I know personally, I look forward to sleep like it is the greatest thing of all time. To be warm, safe and snuggly under my blankets feels so comforting.

However, if you are not feeling so well, sleep may not be so easy to come by? Taking it one step further, even if you are in top tip shape, sleep concerns are experienced by many. One only needs to take a walk down the sleep aid aisle in any pharmacy, to see that there is obviously a need for this kind of medication. Sleep is one of the most deeply healing and revitalizing experiences known, and without it one cannot function properly. Symptoms of sleep deprivation can include, slurred speech, memory loss, blurred vision, slow reaction times, and memory lapses.

Sure, it is easy enough to pick up an over-the-counter medication to ensure you catch some zzzzzz’s however, it seems counteractive to be taking chemical synthetic medicine to cure a sleep concern. That just opens a whole new set of concerns; what kind of chemicals are in the tablet, are they dangerous etc.

A preferred alternative is plant medicine, from Mother Nature, and thankfully herbal remedies are readily available; herbal teas, eating the right foods, or even just a few drops of essential oil on your pillow at night can all do wonders!

RL_Natural Herbs ImageThe following herbs, as per guest writer Dr Christopher Hobbs, can be used during the day, or before bedtime, to ensure you get a deep night’s sleep to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed:

RL_Herbal Tea Image01. Chamomile is a time-honored sedative herb which can be safely used by children and adults alike. Chamomile tea is commonly used in Europe, South America, and Mexico for insomnia and restlessness combined with irritability, particularly in children.

  • Dose: Tea, 1 cup 2-3 x daily; Tincture, 30 drops 3 x daily. Can be added to baths (5-6 drops) to soothe overwrought nerves, diluted to 2% to make an excellent massage oil, or used as an inhalant.

02. Lavender is a gentle strengthening tonic for the nervous system. A few drops of lavender oil added to a bath before bedtime are recommended for persons with sleep disorders.

  • Dose: Tea, 1 cup 2-3 x daily; Essential oil may be inhaled, massaged into the skin (use 10 drops essential oil per ounce of vegetable oil), added to baths (3-10 drops), and the oil may be used as a compress.

RL_Herbal Medicine Image
03. California Poppy is my favorite sedative and sleep-promoting herb which can currently be found in a variety of herbal remedies sold in the United States for promoting sleep, helping one to relax, and easing mild anxiety. Because of its mild sedative and analgesic properties, it can be given safely to children.

  • Dose: Tea, 1 cup 2-3 x daily; Tincture, 30-40 drops 2-3 x daily.
    **Since the tea is mild, a tincture is recommended when a stronger dose is desired.

blue-passion-flower-opt04. Passion Flower is considered by herbalists to be an important herb for insomnia caused by mental worry, overwork, or nervous exhaustion. In England it is an ingredient in forty different commonly sold sedative preparations. Passion flower is used for minor sleep problems in both children and adults, and is safe even in large doses.

  • Dose: Tea, 1 cup 3 x daily; Tincture, 30-60 drops 3-4 x daily.

05. St. John’s Wort is a common yellow-flowered weedy herb from Europe that is quickly becoming an important part of modern herbal therapeutics. Modern scientific studies show that it can help relieve chronic insomnia and mild depression when related to certain brain chemistry imbalances. Because this herb can sensitize the skin to sunlight, if you are taking a full dose, avoid direct skin exposure to bright sunlight.

  • Dose: Tincture, 1/2 to 1 teaspoon 2-3 x daily; powdered extract, 1-2 tablets or capsules 2-3 x daily. Allow 2-3 weeks for the full therapeutic effect to develop.
    **Note: If you experience light sensitivity or other unpleasant symptoms, reduce or discontinue the St. John’s Wort and consult a qualified herbalist for a total program.

Thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum. Peace, Love and Plants Make the World Go Around.

thDr. Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D., L.Ac, Director of Herbal Science at Rainbow Light®. He is an internationally renowned herbalist, licensed acupuncturist and botanist, has been formulating market leading natural supplements exclusively for Rainbow Light® since 1985. With more than 35 years of clinical experience in herbal medicine, Hobbs has authored 25 books, including Herbal Remedies for Dummies and Women’s Herbs, Women’s Health.

Natural Solutions, using essential oils, for A Healthy Family

There I was at 2AM with a screaming, teething baby. I had rummaged through my medicine cabinet, coming away empty-handed to find anything to relieve her pain. That’s when I noticed my essential oil stash and oil reference guide on the back of my dresser. I had no idea if anything I had on hand would work, but at 2AM, I was willing to try anything. I quickly read through the guide and grabbed white fir essential oil. It happened to be the closest bottle that is listed, in one of my guide books as a possible remedy? I opened the bottle and took a big whiff.  “Smells just like a pine tree,” I thought to myself. I put a drop on my finger and proceeded to rub it on her gums. She pulled a nasty face like she had just been poisoned and proceeded to cry for another minute or two. Within five minutes she was resting peacefully and I was on my way back to bed in complete awe. This is just one of the many wonderful experiences I have had using essential oils with my family in the past several years.

As a Mother of five active young children (read “accident prone”), we are constantly on the lookout for natural solutions. I am always willing to visit a Doctor, but would rather try to prevent it first by using something natural, safe and effective. In our home that means essential oils. There are great resources, like the New Everything Essential website, which helps me reference which oils to use for different health concerns or goals.

Following, are a few of my favorite essential oils to help with every day kid (and Mommy) issues.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 11.53.51 AMNatural Solution: Lavender Essential Oil

Because of the gentle properties of lavender it can be applied topically on even some of the most sensitive of skin. Topical application to skin irritations like burns, minor cuts, bee stings, sunburn and bruises almost always produce successful results.

At the same time the aroma is very soothing.  Diffusing into the air can help with stress or other mental strain with adults and children.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 11.49.40 AMNatural Solution: Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon is a powerful antiseptic and is considered to be an excellent antibacterial agent. This makes it well suited to support the respiratory system and to help with inflammation.

Adding a few drops of lemon oil to warm water has provided relief for many suffering from cough or sore throats. Lemon can also help with constipation, allergies, colds and flu, and can make one feel uplifted and bright.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 12.14.25 PMNatural Solution: Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint can be used either internally, aromatically, or topically for indigestion, nausea, or other digestive ailments. The power of peppermint, especially for stomach and nausea problems has been documented throughout history.

Apply peppermint to the back of the neck to help relieve stress and tension. It can be applied to the temples to relieve head tension like migraines. When applied to the bottom of the feet, peppermint creates a cooling sensation and may help to reduce fever. The aroma is uplifting and invigorating and when used topically can be soothing to tired, sore muscles. Its cooling sensation is perfect for opening the sinuses and airways.

Personally, as a Mother, I can’t imagine caring for my children physically, mentally, and emotionally without essential oils. I have found them to be safe, inexpensive, and effective at assisting, supporting, and caring for the overall health of our family.

**Make A Note
When using essential oils it is important to educate yourself and read all labels and cautions. All essential oils are not created equal! Please make sure you are using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils, meaning at the very least organic, to have the best possible results.

For 101 uses for Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint, check out this informative quick link HERE

Giveaway Time

Essential Oil giveaway
We are giving away 3 starter essential oil packages, with each prize containing 3 by 5 ml, better than organic, dōterra essential oil bottles. This includes a lavender essential oil, a lemon essential oil and a peppermint essential oil.

This giveaway starts at 5PM on Monday January the 12th, ending on Friday January the 23rd at 5PM EST. It is open to the USA only.

Good Luck, and thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum, and thanks to Heather for writing this post!

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familyHeather is passionate about helping people. She believes that wellness is a process, not a destination and encourage others to find joy & happiness in the journey of life. She focuses on educating about essential oils; how to use them and how to get them for the best price.
You can learn more through her website

Heather lives in the charming, small town of Duchesne, Utah, with her husband Jarom and their five children.

**Disclaimer:  Willy B Mum are not responsible for sponsor if they do not fulfill their prizes.

For the love and health of Turmeric

For the love and health of turmeric, get it into your any way you can! Drink it, eat it and bath in it. Well, this may be a little extreme, however turmeric is a godsend that I just cannot do without.

IMG_0713Turmeric, is native to the South East area of India and grows wild and free in parts of Asia. It has been hailed for thousands of years for its medicinal, cosmetic and culinary attributes, and has a reputation as being one of the world’s most valuable and versatile herbs. Turmeric is accepted as being able to help with anti-aging, immunity, digestive, allergies, circulation, balancing blood sugar levels and vitality. Turmeric is rich in antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties putting it up there as a superfood to reckon with. Surely the people from The island of Okinawa, in Japan are on to something, they are some of the longest-lived people in the World and apparently drink a lot of turmeric tea!

Personally, I incorporate turmeric into my diet in many ways;

  • Drinking a homemade tonic with my husband during the week, which is really delicious
  • Seasoning and flavoring homemade meals
  • Adding it to my morning protein smoothies
  • Taking it as a daily supplement in capsule form, as I exercise with a variety of kickboxing, crossfit, running and horse riding, and it really helps with joint function and inflammation
  • I use turmeric as an ingredient to make cold pressed soap, with plans to incorporate it into other apothecary products for my start-up, Wythe and Berry

Organic India
I bought f
resh turmeric in my local supermarket, however it is not readily to everybody and at all times during the year. At the moment I am seeing fresh turmeric everywhere, and for the tonic recipe below, I am fortunate to be able to use it this way. However, if you cannot get it fresh, I suggest buying it online from a company called Organic India. All of their products are certified organic, and non-gmo. They also support local farmers and tribal communities in rural India, and work very hard towards respecting Mother Nature and all that she provides for us. And, of course their products are of high quality.


Turmeric, Ginger, Citrus Tonic

Ingredients for the tonic

Ingredients for the tonic

Here in Brooklyn NYC where I live, there are turmeric elixir companies popping up offering wellness beverages of all kinds, however the company that I really like have quite a hefty price for a small dosage, so I decided to make my own. This tonic took me a few hours to make, but is well worth it. This recipe makes close to 3 litres, which is the perfect amount for my husband and I during the week, however feel free to alter the recipe if you need the measure changed.

If you cannot find fresh turmeric use dried turmeric powder instead, for this recipe I’d use 8 teaspoons (almost 3 tablespoons) going on the below formula.

The general rule of thumb for converting dried herbs or spices to fresh in a recipe is 1-to-3, so 1 teaspoon of dried spice is equal to 3 teaspoons — 1 tablespoon — of fresh. Roughly 2 inches of fresh turmeric root will yield 1 tablespoon of the freshly grated spice —

Both ginger and turmeric below to the Zingiberacaea family

Both ginger and turmeric belong to the Zingiberacaea family

What You Will Need

  • juice of 5 organic lemons
  • juice of 4 organic oranges
  • 1/2 cup raw maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup grated turmeric (with skin)
  • 4 teaspoon peeled and grated ginger
  • 12 cups boiling water
  • 1 teaspoon of sea salt

What to do

  • Boil water in a large pot,
  • Add ginger, turmeric and salt and simmer for at least 15 minutes
  • Stir in maple syrup
  • Strain in to a bottled jug,
  • Let sit till at room temperature
  • Place in fridge, and use for up till 10 days

Image-1**Note — I used a metal strainer and it did not work so well as there was a lot of sediment left in the tonic, next time I am going to additionally strain through muslin or cheese cloth.

This tonic can also be warmed up as a tea, and if the flavor is a bit strong with you to start, you can always dilute it with water.

I love this drink, it has a nice kick to it!

Don’t forget to shake the bottle before pouring.

Body Care Products

IMG_0693I also reap the benefits of turmeric by using it as an ingredient in the cold pressed soap that I make. Last weekend, I made a beautiful soap by using Organic India cooled tulsi tea as the liquid element for the soap, and Organic India’s turmeric powder at the end, to give my soaps a vibrant earthy red desert sand color.

I am very happy with the way it turned out, however now I have to wait 6 weeks for the soap to cure before it can be used; patience is a virtue and yes some things are worth waiting for.

If you are not into making soap, you can also use turmeric in your day-to-day routines, as an alternative medicine and healant, rather than toxic and chemically processed products you find in a main stream pharmacy;

  • Mix turmeric with aloe vera gel to aid with sunburn
  • Mix turmeric with olive oil for a dry skin mask
  • Mix turmeric with sandalwood powder for a mask to help with acne

I believe that, prevention is better than cure, and incorporating turmeric into your diet can only help to smarten up your body, so to speak.

Thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum. Peace, Love and Turmeric makes the world go around!

Yes, we now have vegan Whoopie Pies – woo hoo

A “Whoopie Pie” is an American Desert, well to be specific it is more of a North Eastern American thing, consisting of a frosty filling smothered between 2 mounds of (traditionally) chocolate cake. Sounds delicious I know. However, usually Whoopie Pies are made with dairy products. Milk and Eggs in the cake mixture, and of course the filling is usually dairy-based as well. Definitely not vegan friendly.

According to food historians, Amish women would bake these desserts (known as hucklebucks, or creamy turtles at the time) and put them in farmers’ lunch boxes. When farmers would find the treats in their lunch, they would shout “Whoopie!” – Wikipedia

d1aaa81847f53f9085d0f1b0c31cc449A year or so ago, I decided to start following a plant-based diet. Personally, I found it relatively easy to convert to, but maybe that is because I had wanted to do it for so long and had years to think it through before acting on it. I really do feel that as long as one conducts their research and is really committed, anybody can do it. Surely the benefits are astounding, and well worth it; bright skin, weight loss, increased energy, healthy heart, and a clear conscience that one’s personal footprint of harm towards our animals and our environment is less than what it would be otherwise.

The word vegan is going mainstream, and with demand there is supply. This means that many more options are becoming readily available in the market place, and that vegans really aren’t missing out on anything. Seriously! There are many plant-based milks, yogurts and butters on the market, which were once upon a time all made from animal products. Online, there are also resources on how to perfectly substitute eggs in baking, among many other helpful pointers. And, if you really want to be wowed just type the words “vegan desert” into pinterest, and be prepared to be blown away with some of the amazingly beautiful food dishes people are creating made of just plants. It is becoming more and more evident that one can survive without eating animals or animals products, and indeed medical data is indicating that following a plant-based diet is a healthier way for one to live, but that is a whole other article.

You can now even find vegan Whoopie Pies, and I am specifically talking about those made by Mompreneurs, Carolyn Shulevitz and Leslie Kaplan, who are also known as The Piping Gourmets.

The Piping Gourmets make decadent frozen ice-creamy Whoopie Pies, which are certified vegan and Non-GMO. They are also gluten-free and kosher too. Amazing right? They come in 6 different flavors – Chocolate, Chocolate Vanilla, Vanilla, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Raspberry and Vanilla Lemon. They are available in Whole Foods Markets across the United States, or you can use this handy store locator tool to find a stockist near you HERE. Alternatively, you can buy online from Vegan Essentials, or The Gluten Free Shoppe and have them delivered straight to your door.

So how do they taste? Well, I have to be honest, being Australian, I had never tasted a Whoopie Pie, let alone a vegan one, until I was sent a package in the mail so I really do not have anything to compare them too. However, I will say that my 4-year-old and I happily spent the following week tasting all the flavors, and they are delicious. It is a perfect “special treat” for a child, as they take a while to melt and are well suited for small hands. Heed warning Mums, they are moist and a little sticky, so keep a wash cloth near by to clean up afterwards.

Loving his very first Whoopie Pie

Loving his very first Whoopie Pie

These Whoopie Pies were definitely a hit in my family home. Miles Storm, myself and my husband all loved them, and as long as they are available they will be filling up a spot in our freezer for sure.

Thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum. Peace, Love and Vegan Whoopie Pies Make the World go Around.


bobble SPORT reusable water bottle (giveaway)

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 10.38.30 PMWelcome to our week-long, bobble SPORT reusable water bottle giveaway, that we are co-hosting with a wonderful group of mummy bloggers from across the United States.

Growing up as a girl, bottled water that you bought at a store was a thing of the future, instead we just drank straight from the tap. However, in 2014, drinking bottled water is more mainstream, and with that comes a whole host of environmental and health concerns that we may tend to overlook.

According to the website Ban The Bottle;

  • Americans used about 50 billion single-use plastic water bottles last year. However, the U.S.’s recycling rate for plastic is only 23 percent, which means 38 billion water bottles – more than $1 billion worth of plastic – are wasted each year3.
  • The recommended eight glasses of water a day, at U.S. tap rates equals about $.49 per year; that same amount of bottled water is about $1,400.
  • Making bottles to meet America’s demand for bottled water uses more than 17 million barrels of oil annually, enough to fuel 1.3 million cars for a year1. And that’s not even including the oil used for transportation.

And, what about chlorine?

Chlorine was originally used in our water to combat water-borne illnesses, however we must remember it is a chemical, and absorbing it may not be such a good idea. Not to mention, consuming too much chlorine has been linked to a variety of health concerns like asthma, cancer, heart disease and a higher miscarriage and birth defect rates – scary stuff.

So What Can We Do ?

Using reusable water bottles is a HUGE step in the right direction. Fill up your bottle with water from a tap, and if you do not like the taste of your water or you are worried about impurities, try it with a filter; no matter what, this is going to be a better option than participating in the single-use plastic water bottle epidemic, which also contributes to littering and damaging our planet, but that is a whole other article.

Or, better yet, use a bottle that has a filter built-in….

Replaceable water filter

Replaceable water filter

Introducing the bobble SPORT

The new bobble SPORT bottle is a hydrated water filtration system which uses a replaceable carbon filter, in effect removing chlorine and impurities from standard tap water. Each filter astoundingly equates to drinking 300 single-serve bottles of water!

As the name suggests, the bobble SPORT is perfect for a busy on-the-go Mummy lifestyle, use it at the gym, or fit it perfectly into your stroller cup holder. We never stop!

It has a molded in-grip feature, comes in seven pretty colors, is made in the USA, is dishwasher safe, and has a carry cap lid so you do not lose it, which personally is really handy for me as I always lose lids. It is also free of BPA, phthalates and PVC.

By drinking just under four, 22 ounce water filled bobble SPORT a day, you will easily hit the suggested 8 cup a day minimum of water – easy peasy!

Giveaway Time


First place winner will win a prize package which retails for $75, including a bobble hoodie, a bobble sports top, a bobble gym bag and a bobble SPORT bottle.

While, 2 additional winners will win a bobble SPORT bottle, valued at $12.

Otherwise, through December the 31st, bobble is offering 20% off on their website, using the code GIVEFUN.

If you are one of the winners, bobble will send out the prize to you direct from their warehouse.

This giveaway starts at midnight on Sunday December the 14th, ending on Sunday December the 21st at midnight EST. It is open to the USA only.

Good Luck, and thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum.

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Green Kids Craft (giveaway)

Welcome to a new giveaway from one of our favorite company’s Green Kid Crafts, that we are hosting with 3 other Mom Bloggers across the United States; Stylish Momme, Baltimore Mom and Michigan Savings and More.

Green Kids Crafts are an award-winning green-inspired toy company who offer monthly subscription box sets, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Science Sets, Discovery Sets, Creativity Sets, and Birthday Boxes. All of these products are targeted towards children from the ages of 3 till 10 years of age.

Giveaway Time!

Want to win something to try it out with a little munchkin in your life? Well today may be your lucky day! Enter here to win your choice of either a subscription box, a one-time creativity & science kit, or a birthday box.

Good Luck, and thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum.

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Winter is her; cold day activities

Winter is well and truly here in the northern hemisphere, and with that means time spent outside is extremely limited due to the cold and rowdy weather. Combine this with less daylight hours, makes for a sudden shift in my day-to-day routine with my Son.

November, and we already have a lot of snow

November, and we already have a lot of snow

As a stay-at-home-mum it’s up to me to plan indoor activities to keep my little boy entertained, as unfortunately there are going to be many days where it is just too cold or extreme to, comfortably, be outside. Take today for example, the wind is howling, and the torrential rain has not let up for hours!  Oh Summer, I miss you so.

Here are some ideas to help spend the days indoors;

Board Games

Board games are easy, and there are many benefits to playing them with children, like;

  • being a wonderful way to bond, laugh and spend time with one another
  • helping with eye & hand co-ordination
  • encouraging recognition of colors, shapes, letters, numbers, places and things
  • aiding with social skills, for example, waiting your turn, being patient, sharing and verbal communication
  • focusing skills and lengthening a child’s attention span
  • using your imagination, to create make-believe scenarios
  • having FUN

My Son is 4 years of age, and is at a point where he is appreciating board games. One of his favorites is bingo. I will say that, he is not so good at following the rules quite yet, and gets quite cranky if things do not go his way, but either way, it passes the time and it is a lot of fun. There are many different kinds of bingo sets, ours is animal themed, which opens questions and start discussions, about the creatures we both share a deep fascination for.

In the Kitchen

Squaready20140424172910I like to incorporate as many food activities into our “stay indoor days” as possible. It is very important to my husband and I, that our little guy, is exposed to as many different kinds of healthy foods, and is constantly learning new cooking skills. And, it is something that Miles really enjoys!

I do this by picking out recipes to adapt and re-create to suit our dietary needs, and if I see something in the supermarket that is unique and unfamiliar, I take it home and we explore that, like the dragon fruit in the photo to the left. This had to have been one of the funniest experiences with Miles as, initially, he really thought that there was a dragon inside the fruit. These days, he is a little wiser!

Recycling Ideas, and Arts & Crafts

Rather than throw out your rubbish, why not cut costs whilst cutting emissions and pollution, and upcycle discarded items into new things;

  • Toilet rolls become paper tube animals
  • Glass jars become mini terrariums
  • Cardboard boxes become cubby houses

Here are a few other upcycling ideas, for arts and crafts; and I must say I really fancy the cookie cutter idea! Love it.

Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is another activity for Little Ones when it is too cold to go outside. My Son, has 2 edible & medicinal plants that he calls his own; 1 being an aloe vera plant, and another being a mint plant (who he affectionately calls – Minty). He waters them, and checks on them daily. He knows that aloe vera is a natural option to put on skin cuts, and he also likes to have me make him a tea out of his mint leaves.

When we have “plant time” it always leads to discussions about nature and how everything works. Today, he asked me – “Mum, does Mother Nature have a husband?” and we went from there! Other activities can also evolve; this winter I plan on showing him how to dry mint, and store it for cooking other foods. And, maybe we can add some aloe vera gel to a morning juice to drink.

IMG_9181Of course, there are many other activities that can pass the time when confined indoors due to environmental restraints, these are just a few suggestions. What about you, what are some of your favorite activities.

Thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum!

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MAM Holiday Pacifiers giveaway

MAM Holiday Pacifiers

MAM pacifiers are available in boy and girl holiday themed packages. Each pacifier is decorated with fun, seasonal designs and will help keep your little one calm during the year’s most joyous festivities. These pacifiers feature an anti-slip silicone nipple and curved shield with multiple small openings to allow air to circulate and baby’s skin to breathe. Shop @

Wobabybasics giveaway

Wobabybasics Swaddle Me Blanket & Sweet Dreams Nursing Gown

Whether it is for swaddling, cuddling, warming or playing, this soft blanket will be a perfect companion for your little one. The unique hook and loop strap allows you to secure a pacifier, toy or to transform the blanket into a cozy cape. Mothers will appreciate the convenience of the simple yet stylish, pull-down nursing gown. Wobabybasics provides easy-to-wear, comfortable and practical organic cotton essentials for children up to 8 years old. As the healthiest option for babies and the planet, only GOTS certified organic cotton textiles and chemical free dyes are used. Shop @

Wishy Life Buddies giveaway

Wishy Life Buddies – Interactive Book Set

Children bring their ‘Buddy’ to life by naming him and sprinkling him with Wishy Dust. The book includes a ‘Buddy’, Wishy Stem, Wishy Dust and seven empty eggs that can be filled with stickers, treats and small gifts. Shop @

Wristy Buddy giveaway

Wristy Buddy – Teething Wristband

Wristy Buddy is designed for babies who haven’t developed the motor skills to hold traditional teething objects. It is made of absorbent and non-toxic materials to help keep little faces and clothing dry. Shop @

Bert&Bratt giveaway

Bert&Bratt pure-Go Portable UV Sterilizer

Pure-GO by Bert&Bratt is a Portable UV Sterilizer for pacifiers, bottle nipples, small teethers/sippy cup tops. NO heat, water or chemicals required. Just push a button to eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful germs in 4 minutes. This small/light sterilizer is perfect for travel and easily fits in your purse or diaper bag. No more hassles to try to find soap and water or do the “drop and pop”. Just grab a Bert&Bratt sterilizer to conveniently help keep your baby healthy. Shop @

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Green Scene Mom Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway
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YumEarth Holiday Giveaway Event

YumEarth Holiday Giveaway Event

Welcome to the Yum Earth Holiday Giveaway Event,
hosted by Easy Green Mom and sponsored by YumEarth!

Have a naturally sweet Holiday Season with YumEarth organic and natural gummy bears and organic pops!  YumEarth offers mouth-watering snacks and sweets made with organic and natural ingredients, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, and none of the major allergens, such as gluten, nuts and dairy. YumEarth snacks make perfect holiday treats and stocking stuffers!

You can purchase YumEarth online or in stores nationwide. Find where to buy YumEarth products this Holiday Season here.

You can connect with YumEarth on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Pinterest.

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YumEarth will be giving one lucky reader a YumEarth Holiday Prize Pack Valued at $50.

This giveaway is open to US residents, 18+ only. The giveaway will end at 11:59 pm CST on 12/15. 

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by the YumEarth. Easy Green Mom and the participating blogs are not responsible for prize fulfillment. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, or Instagram. Please contact amber{at} with any questions about this giveaway.